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Max Brecher

Amsterdam, Netherlands


I hate selling myself. Trying to get a date or a publisher. I hate other people doing the same. Most of the pitch is yuckamuck and the whisky talking. Still, you got to show a little skin. Triple major: philosophy, psychology and comparative literature. Extremely promising young novelist with chips on both shoulders. Then when it didn't pan out exactly as wet dreamed about went on to things that would pay the rent. Journalism, commercial writing, teaching. Some B quality hack work. Recently returned to real writing with a vengeance. Believe that writing is first and foremost about what I call "the burn". Writers write and take their chances. Agents and publishers are there to make money, even though they dress that up in high sounding cultural cliches. But miracles do happen and sometimes the two interests actually meet.

Interests: My major interest is in bridging fake gaps between West and East, male and female, logic and intuition, history and myth. Personally, culturally. That changes absolutely everything.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes