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Michele Levesque

Agent: none
Central Islip, New York, United States


AOL: Exceptionmaker1

my bio? let me read what this should sound like after i see how everyone else in here formats theirs; what inspirational things they attribute their creative fire too.So far everything i have seen in here is intimidating as hell...(and a little funny because everyone seems to be posting the smallest comments using such insanely profound phrases-sounding so godamned writerish-i feel out of place here so far..)
i am regular, i have no credentials, i have little money and no credits. I have no agent either. The memiore i am writing was never meant to be seen by anyone. It was only to record a five year period in which i was unfortunatly tumbled head first into a position in life that most women will never see in order to survive. Basically thru it it progressed into territory of society which i wasnt meant for-i was a dominatrix first, and then when it got out of hand, i found myself alone with my daughter, so for the next three years i got caught up in selling drugs, very high paced and heavy from the backdoor of the apartment i lived in, alone forcing me to live and thrive among males primarily. It became a monster i almost lost control of.I managed to leave and leave an imprint behind that freinds and accosiates still reminis mean it was fuckin INSANE- Point is, i just needed to record it. I got out alive. I get respect where i am from that most men/women will ever see. I am still alive. I am still hungry; starving. I have a bad writers block too. Furthermore I have a hell of a story to tell, in hopes my downfall will be my uprise. If i sound nuts, well then I do apologize, I hope to beleive I am a diamond in the rough.Atleast so i can feed my child better then the way I do now, by entertaining you all with storys of my rediculous struggle, my blurred culture lines, and understanding of a world often written about but not even close to where I can take you to it.

Interests: No seriously... I am into almost anything, I read like crazy, I beat men on the pool table at the bar I tend, when i am not tending. I draw, paint, take pictures, and am heavily into many genres of music. I can cook my arse off, eat

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