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felicia munteanu

bucharest, Romania

Email: writerfelicity@yahoo.comm

Letter of intention for freelancres writing jobs

My name is Felicia Munteanu and I am an engineer. I live in Bucharest, the capitale of Romania.
In the past 10 years I have changed my profession of teacher. I was a teacher in a renamed college in Bucharest. I take that decission in order to build my own publishing house where I could publish all my books and the books of other authors that had a spiritual profile.
I am a Who*s Who member since 2003.
In these years, with determination and hard work, I succeded in promoting over 40 of my own books. My books were welcomed on the Romanian book-market and they were sold till the last one.
In the last year I wrote 12 romance novels from which I want to offer you to read one novel translated in English.
With my daughter and other members of my team in the firm I published a spiritual review in 2004 named *Together magazine*. As a director I made a TV show which had a very good impact on the audience in 2007 named *Guiding light*. I wanted to show to the large public which are the ways in succeeding in life thru spiritual methods.
From my romance novels I can offer you manucripts for movies if you are interested. In my books the main idea that rules the entire subject is miracle of interior metamorphose thru the meeting with the divinity. All my books have a happy-ending because my subjects find the way of reaching the succes.
I am eager to know which are the ways in which I can establish a bond with publisers and I would like to ask you to indicate me the strategy in obtaining information about the group of publishing houses which publish such novels and how can I contact them.
I would also want to know if you can give me the names of the reviews in U.S.A. interested in publishing spiritual articles.

With sincre consideration,


Adress: Avenue Iuliu Maniu nr.55, Fleet 17, Stair H , Ap.309 ,sector 6, Bucharest , Romania, postal code 061079 country code 3400
Tel: 004031889331
Mobile: 0744332390, 0744373133


Interests: for a job,for publishing in my books your contury

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No