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Jao Moragoat

Samut Songkhram, Thailand


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I learned to read, thus was the deed, I acquired the magical weapon of effectively using pencils and pens--escaping to my hidden away dens...deep in my mind, what I was to find... unveiling mysterious treasures...and then...I awoke, realized a future of being broke, yet I took another toke and kept digging--I was stoked! My soul in past lives was deeply charmed in twirls of ink, creating stories with the intent to purfume the stink...and yet what was the eternal link, what was it to bring? a future of curled fingertips, hammering away like an industry ship?-- inspired by plush purple lips, seductive hips convulsing rapidly in forbidden video clips?

Interests: The Art of Observation, Interpretation, and Articulation AKA writing... life, philosophy, plotting, music, drama, suspense, athletics, sex, dreaming, psychi, out-of-box and in-the-box exploitation, etc.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes