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John Paxton

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States


Well I am an unpublished, twenty-five year old author who has recently completed his first novel. I'm nearly finished with the first re-write and working hard to make it as professional as I can before sending it out.

It's the opening chapter of a four story arc in the Urban Fantasy Genre. The book is not something I take completely seriously. My world is filled with glib dialog, vampiric car chases, terracotta rock-em, sock-em robot fights and other absurd events.

Mostly I write because I feel I'm talented and take a great deal of pleasure in it. I've found, working on this novel, that I'm also quite industrious. I'm willing to write as much as I can in a day and take all the criticism I can get.

Really, I'm passionate as hell about this. Also terrified. I've only recently started learning about the publishing industry and all it's ills. It seems like a dark, foreboding journey I'm about to embark on. Any and all advice I can get is what I'm looking to take.

Hell. I'd even trust an agent at this point.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No