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William Penning

Cuiabá, Brazil


Home page:

I was born in 1957 in Washington, DC. My father was in the military, and a couple of years later we moved to Hawaii for 6 months, after which he retired and we moved again to Indiana. Then we moved to Wisconsin when I was 5 and I grew up in the small northern community of Eagle River.
I always enjoyed fiction and was a voracious reader, and even in elementary school I "went the extra mile" whenever we had a writing assignment, especially one where I could indulge my love of sci-fi.
While a senior in High School a friend of mine explained the Gospel to me. I had grown up in a churchgoing family, but had never really understood it. After he explained things, I made a decision to follow Christ for real instead of just going to church on Sunday. This was a decision which was not only to affect my philosophy of life, but eventually helped set the direction of my career.
After 9 and a half years of college, studying Physics and Astronomy, I came away with a Post-hole Digger. Along the way I had gotten disillusioned with the life of the professional astronomer and wanted something different. After working as an independent computer consultant for a couple of years, I ended up joining Wycliffe Bible Translators and eventually came to Brazil to work as—you guessed it—a computer consultant.
During these years, I dabbled in writing, but never really went anywhere. I actually finished the first draft of a book and a half of a trilogy, but wound up dumping it. While in Brazil I stopped writing for a while, but eventually found that the bug just wouldn't go away. After a while I started writing, and eventually finished a book called EvilSpace.
After a couple of years, I was able to get EvilSpace published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing. And I am now working on a second novel. I still enjoy and believe in the work I am doing with Wycliffe, but as a second career, being an author can't be beat.

Interests: Outdoors, Space Exploration, Linguistics, Computers

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • EvilSpace