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Lea Mishell

St. Louis, Missouri, United States


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Lea Mishell

Born on November 2, 1972 and raised in St. Louis, MO, this wife and mother of three beautiful children has been inspired by the works of Michael Baisden, Tyler Perry, E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey, Maya Angelou and Zane. Aspiring to become a full time best selling author and movie director, I would love to see my books become stage plays or feature length motion pictures, directed by myself or anyone else so if you know anyone that's looking for a new project, they can contact me immediately! Serious inquiries only!

Trying to be modest may be one of my weaknesses. I don't know how to compliment myself without sounding boastful. But I will try.

First of all, I am blessed. I have a loving and supportive Husband and, by birth and marriage, three beautiful healthy happy babies (I don't care how old they are, they will always be my BABIES!).

I try my best to use my creativity in a positive way. Therefore, I am writing almost all the time. It's funny. When I was in school (grade school and high school), I didn't really notice my creativity. But when I looked back on my life during my last twentysomething year, I realized that I've always had sparks of creative floetry. I just didn't know how to use it... until now...

The first time I actually sat down and wrote something (other than assigned writing tasks in school) was when my sister Debra gave me a journal for my sixteenth birthday. I was going through the typical teenage angst and thanks to her, I found a creative outlet for all the emotions that I went through at that time in my life... (a moment to reflect...) A lot of teenagers don't go to their parents or loved ones with their feelings and thoughts. My sister was wise enough to know what I was going through and she knew that a journal was a good way for me to express myself positively. Along with my writing, I've found that I'm all for any kind of creative expression. That may explain why I smiled when I saw that my daughter, at the age of 3, drew me a picture... on my apartment wall! To this day she still draws and writes and I'd be honored if she followed in my footsteps...

I love to write. And when the time is right, that's all that I will do. But until then I will keep my PayJob and write in my spare time.

I have to give props to Flipside NewsZine for allowing me to write for them to express a bit of my creative literary talents. It was a cool experience. Thanks and continued success to Marquita, Courtney, and all the staff writers at The Flip.

And thanks to Brian for hooking me up with my writing gig at The St. Louis Metro Evening Whirl. Thank you also to Anthony for allowing me the opportunity to add Arts and Entertainment Editor to my resume.

A BIG THANK YOU to inBox Magazine and DVD for allowing me to be the columnist and DVD Host for Real Talk with Lea Mishell. Much love and respect to Bobby, Marrio, Mark and the whole inBox Family!!!

As far as getting my books out to the public, when I met Michael Baisden (author of The Maintenance Man, God's Gift To Women), he suggested that I start with the self-publishing route so I chose to go with a POD (print on demand) publisher. That's the way that I went with my two books. Initially, I wasn't trying to sell millions with the first couple of books. I just wanted my name out there. But by the third or fourth book, I expect to see a jump in sales for my first two books because new readers want to know about anything else that I have written. And it looks like that's finally going to happen SOON!!!

Livin' Just Enough took me four (almost non-stop) months to write on a dinosaur computer. I mean that computer was so slow, I SWEAR it's power must've been generated by hamsters running on a wheel! LJE originally went live October 2003. At the time of this writing, you will be hard pressed to find a copy but let me know if you do! HOWEVER, if you're looking for a copy, I seriously suggest that you get the WHAT HE DID FOR HER LOVE EDITION.

Almost everyone who has already read Livin' Just Enough asks me if it's about me... No. It's not about me. Yes, there are some things about "Baby Girl" that reflect me or my life, but LJE is not my life's story. For those who know me and have read the full story, you KNOW it's not about me...

"Illusions: Things are not always what they seem" is a continuation of LJE. A sequel if you will. As you read it, you will notice a few characters from LJE but "Layla" and "Nicolas" are the main characters in this show.

Now you would think I'd take a break and wait for the world's response to LJE and Illusions... but I'm not... I've already finished the third story, "Neva Saw It Comin'" and have turned my books into an urban fairy tale series called SISTAGIRLZ! It will have a few surprises for anyone who's been reading this storyline since the beginning...

I should be resting my creative juices but I'm so excited about releasing the full SISTAGIRLZ series that rest is not an option right now! Besides, I still have people asking me when the next book is coming out so back to work I go!

Keep checking the site for updates.


Interests: Spending time with my children, writing, watching movies, traveling, sleeping, hugging trees

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Livin Just Enough
  • Illusions
  • Neva Saw It Comin\'