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Ronald Schrader

Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States


Well, I'm not yet a published author as I don't quite have a finished work to publish just yet. I am currently working on a piece that will help me teach my children (and hopefully others if I'm able to publish it) how to avoid debt. As one who has experienced my own debt challenges and having also learned a great deal about proper finance, I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable on the subject. Being a father of 3, this is a great concern of mine as I see the problem with credit and debt growing ever larger in our society. As with most parents, I want more for my children. My main goal is to provide some teaching that can better prepare my children for the inevitable financial challenges they will face.

I've heard it said by others that people often think they are good writers when indeed they may not be. So I present the question: Why do I think I'm a good writer? Over the years, throughout the different stages of school, I've had multiple english/writing teachers who have had very good praise to give me in regards to my writing. Two college professors even told me that I 'needed' to be a writer. For too long I never had the interest enough to actually do it. Now that Iíve left my youthful stupidity behind I realize that I should have maybe listened a little more! Oh well...we live and learn. I look forward to some more wide spread critisism to tell me where I really stand.

I have been doing my homework on the best publishing method for me, and found enough good information here that I thought it worth joining. Anyway, it was free, so anything here would be a gain.

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