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Heidi Hobson

Centennial, Colorado, United States


Writing consumes my life, if I am not writing then I am thinking about it. My stories and their characters impose themselves in my life--which makes the world more interesting. I have decided to dedicate my life to prose, aside from that pesky day job so that I can eat. I am still in college, formerly an engineering and mathematics major with a minor in physics and now a creative writing major with a minor to be determined, and plan to follow my degree with first a stint in the AmeriCorps National Civilian Conservation Corps and then the Peace Corps. I am also considering applying to teach English in Japan after I have returned from the Peace Corps. These have nothing to do with my being an author, I just really wish to be involved in these programs and, okay, I just want to have someone pay me to go to Japan. Can you blame me?

My favorite punctuation is the ellipse and my favorite word is epithalamium.

Interests: Science fiction and fantasy. I especially enjoy writing medieval era fantasy.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No