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Miranda Mayer

Welches, Oregon, United States


Home page:

Miranda Mayer tries not to take herself too seriously. She's second generation American, from parents of completely different cultures; "One sounds like Charo, the other sounds like Dracula". She was born in Colorado, raised in Europe, speaks four languages and snails and squid top of her favourite foods list. Humour is paramount in her life; as well as tenderness, good Alsatian white wine, chocolate, forgiveness and friendship. All in all, she has a strange and interesting perspective.

She's an escapist writer; which in her mind, means she tries to write fantasy at all costs; occasionally waxing poetic when simple paragraphs just don't cut it. She has been writing since she could hold a pen and favoured gifts of lined paper and pens over toys for holidays and birthdays. She writes fiction on the most part; not quite ready to delve into her realities until she's comfortable with it; however, Miranda never quite escapes from writing her own reality, experiences, past and passions into her fiction books and stories--people who ask which characters are modeled after her; she answers, "all of them". Every character, every moment is imbued with a part of her experience.

Miranda is a fly-by-the seat writer. She prefers to call it 'organic' writing--where she begins with a character and some sort of situation, and just goes from there. "I'm not disciplined enough to work with outlines and such. I don't make myself write when I don't feel like it, because it always comes out forced and boring. I think the way I write tends to keep things unpredictable; and we all need a little bit of that sometimes." She does however, envy disciplined writers, who have the whole story all outlined before they even sit down to write. She is awed by prolific writers, like S.M. Stirling; "I've finished five books in my life. I have about 400 false-starts just idling in my computer... awaiting their turn."

Miranda recently released her first published novel "Tinna's Promise"; a dark adult fantasy.

Miranda lives near Mount Hood in Oregon with her husband and two small demon-spawn dogs.

Interests: Horses, Art, Classical Music, writing (of course), sewing, anything Jane Austen and the Regency period, the Pacific Northwest, languages and being an all around stick-in-the-mud. :)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Tinna's Promise