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L.D. Wenzel

Oslo, Norway


Home page:

I write novels observing the religious experience in the American evangelical community. "Caught in the Winds", a new student at an evangelical college encounters his deepest aspirations.

"Meet Morrie Schiller, a traditional Christian who is caught in the throes of our post-modern world. Try though he may to be apart of this religious environment, he does not seem to fit in. He laments when the girl he loves sees him only as a Christian brother and shirks when his best friend pesters with right-wing politically religious views. As a philosophy major, his classes only intensify his existential angst.

Time was when Morrie only wanted to coast through life as a ordinary Christian guy who would meet an nice Christian girl, settle down and enjoy faith’s accessories. However, no matter how hard he tries, confronting the Socratic dictum: Know Thyself seems to be his sacred calling.

I would like to come into contack with other writers, agents and publishers who are interested in my kind of fiction. Check out my website...

Interests: writing, American politics, religion, hiking,

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