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Dr. Harmander Singh

Agent: MD, Life Glowing Path Inc. USA, M/s BhPW, and the Chief representative of the BDS Charitable Trust, Punjab. India, for ISBN and other relevant matter
Patiala, India



The antique and detailed Resume:

(Ph.D. (AM), MD (AM), B.Sc. (With Education), 10+2(With ESL from Australia))
Contact: childfriend@gmail


10+2 (Matriculation-Year/Grade/Class 12) with Physics, Chemistry, Math and English as a Second Language (ESL) from Muirden Matriculation College, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in 1989 (First Indian to do 10+2 abroad on scholarship)
B.Sc. (Graduation with Science and Math with Education as an additional subject)
From Punjabi University of Patiala (1991-94; with study load 24 points and work 50 hours per week)
Six months certificate course in Computer Education and Applications in 1994
Ph.D. (AM) in 2005 and MD (AM) in 2007 from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Affiliated with UN University for Peace and International Open University)

Additional Qualifications:
a) I have passed first year of Graduation in B. Sc. (Math) studies at the University of Adelaide, Adelaide. South Australia in 1990-91 with Physics, Math and the following (Study load 24 points and work 20 hours per week, with 1 Distinction and a Credit):
1. Introduction to Metaphysics (Philosophy IA)
2. Introduction to Morality, Society and the Individual (Philosophy IB)
3. Introduction to Physics, Man and Society I
4. Introduction to Logic I (The Art of Logically Creative Criticism)
(c) The six months (100 hours equivalent) course in Art of Study and Learning Skills-Study half and get the double marks/results (by Mr. Chris Brooks, Education and Media Consultant of Australia in 1992)
b) First private school’s teacher in Punjab to get the Certificate Course and get registered in and as the basic scoutmaster (a broad spectrum of and as a social worker and trainer) in 1995.

PRESENT OCCUPATION: Education and Media Consultant (for both the critical and the creative works as the critic and the editor as well); Theme, Concept, Script, Screenplay, Story, Dialogue Writer, Critic, Editor and Consultant (for both the fiction and nonfiction) for the Pilot episodes, the audio/video documentaries. It also includes the other similar and the related aspects, as; the TV, Theater and Film formats (The Dramatization as the pilot episodes and the other audio/visual documentaries, not as a technician, but the complete project otherwise). The Language Director and Translator (English, Hindi and Punjabi), Writer, Novelist, Songwriter, Poet (3 Languages), Visiting Lecturer, Research Scholar and Worker, Teacher and Tutor, Scout Master, Social Worker, Doctor (AM; registered as the first class RMP), Career Counselor, Student Advisor. With having, the future vision opened the M/S Bhagouauty Prime Waves, a Publication House (launching books soon). Kindly have a look at the list, for more professional and occupational works at the end of the resume.

In each of the following, the work experience is more than 10 years, in some cases 15 and 20 years are relevantly apply; the works and services has been regular (as a freelancer in most of these):
1. (a) The work as a Education and Media Consultant: It includes the education and media advisor, counselor, consultant; writer of concept- screenplay- story-dialogue from last 15 years for TV serials, general documentaries, etc., for UCV Production House, Mumbai. In addition, many charitable trust, societies, and broadly the fields of Media and Mass Communication integrating media and public for education and other fields of knowledge for all-a global literary and research awareness.
(b) Cine and Media writer: It includes the writing of the theme, concept, screenplay, story, dialogue, BTF, etc. for media. It is having base on diversified themes including family to social, comedy, religious, mystical, mythological, educational, etc for all age groups. The other aspect is translation with sink and dubbing for the same.

2. The work as a Language, Stage performance Director and Translator: It includes working as speech, pronunciation, accent, etc. stage performance director for TV and stage performances, etc. and have been translating, for more than 15 years, the English films, TV Serials, books, etc. including self written works. The works are in Hindi, Punjabi and English.
3. The work as a Writer, Novelist, Dramatist, Poet, Songwriter, etc.: It includes these works from the school days (childhood), 1981 onwards, in both the prose and poetry.
Special feature: I have been writing for the school and college magazines also; and my self- written and published books are as follows:
1. Self Study and Learning for Peace of Mind (published in 1995 and 97)
2. Self Improvement for Peaceful Living (published in 1997)
3. From Anandpur Sahib to Jarg Sahib (in Punjabi and English, published in 2000)
4. Happy Peace Day by (Part-I)

:>): The self-written, edited published include all enlisted at:

1. A Sensitive Peace Lover –A Novel
2. A Peaceful Night –A collection of Short Stories
3. Our Peaceful Times –A collection of Blend of Short Stories and Poems
4. A Happy Peace Day-A Play
5. Happy and Healthy Peace Day-A Play (in series with the Happy Peace Day)
6. Twenty Plays in the series for the Happy Peace Day (for varies topics)
7. Many other books in different formats
· Many other books in different formats Special feature: The set of such more than 25 books is almost ready. It is always an ongoing work to be a writer. These books are for all age groups including the children, young and the old given equal share of importance. These are having the base on the blended touch of Eastern and Western social, educational, psychological, spiritual, sociological, philosophical, humanitarian, philanthropic, ecological, scientific, and other similar aspects. These aspects need global sharing of human wisdom for the research, development, welfare and betterment of life in any form or level. (Emphasizing the need for global need for World Peace, Human Rights and that of the living ones, Nature-care (Mother Nature), healthcare, etc. syllabus and curriculum in formal and informal education for the said purpose). It specifically includes the following theme and one or more books (almost ready to be published) on each subject on the theme:
· THEME (of the Research, named Philselfology): The Universal Laws and Principles-Life, Human Life, its Evolution and Making of A Civilized Human Within Us
· Book(s) on each of the following subject/topic related to the above theme and also integrals of the theme: Education, Philosophy, Moral Education, Ethics (Value Systems), Psychology, Religion, Science, Sociology, HRD, Economics, Arts, Time and Energy Management, the Evolution of Soul (Spirituality and Divinity), Art of Communication (Counseling), Art of Creative Writing. It also includes Art of Research (Philselfology: The Pure, Applied and Action in contest of the above said subjects), Philanthropy, Ancient Wisdom in Modern Context for all faculties of knowledge, God and Mother Nature, Vegetarianism and Organic Farming, Healthcare Therapies in Nature (AM), Art of Scouting as a way of life and living. Last, but the most important is the role of Music and the Creative Arts in the Civilized Life, Art of Meditation and Ascendancy of the mind to the self, soul and the spirit level and many other faculties as the fruits growing on the wisdom tree that we all share as the humans.
4. The work as a Visiting Lecturer: It includes organizing and conducting the lectures, talks, seminars, workshops, training camps, orientation days and weeks from school to university level both in rural and urban areas. These visiting works has been to delegate, represent and promote the social-conscience and for individual awareness for the need and pursuit of all round educational, research and self-development. To achieve these aims and objective-The practical side of human wisdom, it is having the name Philselfology-An evolution of soul and thus life by scientific and philosophical approach bridged and blended together for both literacy and or research. Its major purpose has been developing the new and diversified approach to all kinds of research works from last 25 years-an ongoing self-developed art of research work (Philselfology) for kids and the elders, educated and uneducated (illiterate). The people as teacher-taught, parents and other citizens, both literary and illiterate, as the research for and by all
5. The works as a Research Scholar, Worker and Counselor (from more than two decades): It includes not only conducting research work but also providing research guidance, counseling and consultancy for the modern and ancient methods of doing research works in two ways; Inductive and Deductive. The pure, applied and action research works simplified to best suit even to the kids and the illiterate as well. Its approach is having the base on integrated wisdom of globally available faculties of knowledge. All of its conclusions, findings and results go to the written works. Thus advancement with continuity as the quality of any kind of research works (named as Philselfology)
6. The works as an Education Counselor: It includes (last more than 15 years have been coordinating) the Parent Teacher and Student network with Principal, Family and Student Network (PTSPFS Network). It is to advise, counsel and consulate in the teaching and learning process at individual, family, group, institutional, social levels with various educational, social, spiritual, and alike institutions imparting education. It is an ongoing research work as well, in the form of Philselfology. It also includes managing the staff members; social workers and the other relevant people numerous in numbers
7. The work as a Teacher and Tutor: It includes a great importance to tutoring with special tutorials on yogic, natural and scientific ways for learning with student training for any subject. It is from the last 20 years and includes managing earning and learning- as a learner to be a practical (balanced) person. Besides being teacher, tutor trainer and counselor for ESL for students in India and abroad the following subjects are there at Guru Nanak Model School, Patiala and wherever sent and delegated by the school for outside services besides being the self-employed as well:
Science, Math, English, Punjabi, SUPW, Scouting, Moral Education, Yoga, Divinity, Comparative Religious Studies, Holistic Health Sciences, Education (Curriculum and co-curriculum), Social Work- Research, Development and Welfare Officer both in Urban and Rural
8. The work as a registered Doctor and Research Scholar in Alternative Medicines (AM): It includes its basic need for healthy mind in healthy body. Moreover, to achieve this goal the aim of the practice and research has been to learn ancient knowledge in modern context and utilizing the modern ways of knowledge for earth, Mother Nature, life and healthcare. Like a research work (the list attached shows some related therapies in practice), the exploring of peace within us is eventually a global need for peace, harmony and evolution has been one of the major results of more than 20 years of practice. As a Child, Youth, Old and Aged People, Family, Social and Rural Healthcare Worker it includes many therapies in AM’s and the pivot that is common among all.
9. The work as a Career Counselor: It includes the compact counseling for multifarious aspects related to it as the career is a social recognition, and thus have provided services to the individuals on the originality, creativity and individuality from last 15 years. It is on the bases relying on the individual goal to balance the personal level of IQ and EQ (Intellectual and Emotional Maturity). Thus to achieve individual, family, social, spiritual, and thus all-round success- The very aim of Indian Art, Philosophy and Science of Four Pillars of Life: Management of Desire and Emotion (EQ), of Duty (IQ), of Economics (IQ/EQ) and Self-Liberation (IQ=EQ)
I have compiled, composed, written and edited many research papers, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, calendars, news letters and circulars; weekly, monthly and yearly reports, etc. for different charitable trusts, organizations and societies; along with educational, healthcare, social, spiritual, religious and similar institutions, centers, etc. serving for the betterment of our civilization. I also write for the magazines, and in broad sense the mass media and journalism.


At Muirden Matriculation College, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in 1989:
The research works in ESL on the Theme: Growing Up and the childhood:
1. Memories of Childhood: Does Memories of Childhood Influence Adolescence and have the Impact on Our Life?
2. Educations, Employment and Unemployment: Do Young People Have a Choice for it?
At the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in 1990:
1. A Seminar on Physics: Natural Science-Individual and the Society
8. Existence of God and Problem of Evil-A Discussion on the Problem of Goodness and Evil
9. Hard Determinism, the Soft Determinism and Liberalism-Problem of Free Will
4. Law of Gravitation-Generalization of Development of Human Intellect
5. Is There Any Possibility of Life in the Universe? –A Natural Human Quest
6. Does Soul Exist? : A Confirmative Argument by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
7. Does Morality Depend on Religion? -A Discussion on Divine Command Theory
Hobbies: Music-listening and singing, Reading, Writing, Yoga, Drawing, Meditation, Writing and Composing Poems, Songs, and the similar ones listed at the end of the resume.

1. Won Third position in State Level Yoga Championship held at Patiala (1980-81)
2. Was selected for the post of counselor in Scientology at Adelaide, South Australia (1990-91), while studying at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, though did not join as it was a bond for 5-10 years
3. My paper/ research report on World Peace for All has having a reading presentation as a lecturer in the general gathering at the function at Washington, DC. USA. (2000-01), and has been distributed in many Western countries since 1999
4. My paper / research report written on the Role of Democracy at State and National level was read in the Punjab State General Assembly, Chandigarh (1992-93)
5. Won Second position in Seminar on the concept: What Physics is All About, conducted by the Punjabi University, Patiala.
6. I have won Consolation Prize in the State Level Competition for the Young Writers’ Creative Writing.
7. I delivered weekly lectures on Divinity and the comparative religions at the college during graduation (1991-94).
8. The Teacher’s Day (1998-99) was having special celebration on my research works done by myself by Guru Nanak Model School, Patiala (Punjab, India).
9. Participated in a radio program based on our own family life at home at Patiala (Punjab, India), “Music in the House of Milk” broadcasted by Australian Broadcast Corp. in 1992.
10. I got the award of as the best scoutmaster and troop leader in the district Patiala on completion of the certificate course in 1995.
11. It is privilege to work on the scouting and conducting Scout Camps as the first private teacher in the Punjab State since 1995.
12. As one of the youngest Writer and Research Scholar who’s Concepts, including the pilot episode, were approved by the TV channels, particularly a TV serial based on the Indian Art, Philosophy and Science of Religion, Mysticism and Mythology.
13. Received the honor of nomination as the MD of a renowned Charitable Trust (BDS) in 1995 and MD of Life Glowing Path INC. USA in 2006 for the Global Research, development and welfare integrating Peace, Education, and other relevant works of the trusts as well.
14. I received the honor of the Fellowship of Rural Health Society in the Alternative Medicines by IIAM in 2005.
15. Many trained students received President and Governor’s Awards for Scouting from 1995.
16. Have been delivering lectures including more than 500 at the university level and hundreds of it at Collage and school levels since 1990-91 based on my own research works (Philselfology).
17. Have managed to earn and learn as a part time (50 hours per week) supervisor and worker at a diary farm from 1975 to 2005.
18. The Doctorate in AM has on the self developed research work on the comparative studies in the ancient and the modern Art, Philosophy and Science (named as the Philselfology) on research and the relevant work experience (recorded both as published and unpublished) from last 15 years and in some cases more than 20 years (listed at the end).
19. Member of International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)
20. It is an honor to successfully conduct and carry most of the activities, works and services to the rural areas, besides the urban right from the beginning.
21. It is a lifetime experience to work in the selection and recruitment boards/committees wherever working in the above said field and jobs.
22. Member, consultant and advisor to many Educational, Spiritual, Social, Management, Research, Development and Welfare bodies, trusts, institutions, etc which also approved and accepted different globally oriented projects described as and in Philselfology
23. Rendering most of the services/works as either free service or no profit no loss basis to the community from last more than two decades.

(With self-written research papers/thesis, done practically, on each one)

*These are also independent work fields for both profession and research (mainly as the Art, Science and Philosophy of the each in pure, applied and action form). Also including its role in Guidance, Counseling, Consultancy, Research, Development and Welfare works and practices in the respective fields (for all age groups) as thus follows:
1. Natural Philosophy and Humanistic Psychology –Therapeutically using in Guidance, Counseling, Consultancy, Research, Development and Welfare works and practices
2. Yoga Theory and Therapy for health and self awareness
3. Art, Philosophy and Science of Scientology
4. Nature-Care and Cure (the Art, Philosophy and Science of Naturopathy)
5. Faiths and Prayer-As Art, Science, Philosophy for Healing
6. The Art, Science and Philosophy of Spiritual Healing
7. Yoga and Meditation in different paths (like Gyan, Karma, Bhakti, Hath, Sahaj, Raja Yoga, etc.)
8. Music and Sound Therapy-Listening and Singing with Writing and Composing Songs
9. Reiki-The Indian Philosophy, Art and Science of Reiki-How to be a good Master and Receptor (The Art of Communication with Nature)
10. Left and Right Brain Theory-The Indian Philosophy of Creator and the Creation (the Ardhnarishwar)
11. Acupressure-Suzok and its relation to other therapies
12. Bio-chemic salts (Twelve Tissue Remedies), Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy
13. Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Gem and Metal Therapies
14. Nine Moods and its Management (like Laughter), Chromatography, and Color Therapy -Using it therapeutically
15. Vegetarianism, Organic Farming, Home Remedies and Herbal Therapy
16. Astral body, Aura Management and its Development-Waves, Vibrations and Radiation’s-the Art of development of five astral spheres besides psychic and intuitive centers
17. Name of God (or Deity) or Mantra and Therapies related to it-The Reading, Writing, Reciting, Chanting, Singing (Kirtan), Listening, Repetition (Jaap) and the relevant ones
18. Re-addiction and Re-habitation oriented therapies-Art of Reformation of body, mind, heart and the soul
19. Vastu Shashtra and Magneto therapy- Human body as a magnet and its relevancy and relativity to Earth, Environment and Nature
20. Psychological Therapies-Neuro, Psycho, and Behaviorally oriented ones for Psychic Development
21. Health Education and Holistic Health Sciences (both in the Eastern and Western context
22. Fasting, Silence and other way-outs for sound Body and Mind as a Vehicle of Soul -An Art of self-discipline
23. Mysticism and Rituals-Its Philosophy and using it therapeutically
24. Art, Science and Philosophy of Learning and Living-Blending of the Eastern and Western Value System approach (say in Scouting).
25. The Creative Art therapy for all age groups, as counseling basics that emphasizes on creative arts like writing prose and poetry.
26. The Art, Philosophy and Science of Research by one’s own self (Philselfology)
27. Art, Science and Philosophy of Biorhythmic Energy and Time Management (for Intellectual and Emotional Energy and Maturity)

P.S.: Wow, thanks for reading the ever-updating biographical bio-data!

Interests: Hobbies: Music-listening and singing, Reading, Writing, Yoga, Drawing, Meditation, Writing and Composing Poems, Songs, and the similar ones. (the list is bigger than a shadow of the tree at the afternoon. (the list attached at the end of the resume!

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Children's Literature

  • Self Study and Learning for Peace of Mind (For Children)
  • Self Improvement for Peaceful Living (For Young Adults/Youngsters)
  • Happy Peace Day