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Eduardo Márquez

Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

I am a Chemical Engineering student from Puerto Rico with long-term aspirations in Chemistry, more specifically Electrochemistry. I've always been a very shy person in every aspect when it comes to relating with other people initially, but after I'm comfortable, I can keep on talking for hours on end. Since I was a young child, I've loved reading books in both English and Spanish, my parents also influencing my fluency in the former by providing me with cable TV.

Around the year 2000 or perhaps 1999, I started getting more serious about my reading. Shortly thereafter, when I was in the 8th grade (2000-2001) I began writing poetry. Granted, the feelings and intentions conveyed were childish (for I was, indeed a child), but the passion--however small--that flourished then served as an excellent foundation for my present craft.

My poetry seems mostly sad upon a first read, but after careful consideration, the hope that I've always tried to instill on my peers becomes apparent. My prose is dark, thoughtful, and riddled with feeling (mixed, mostly) in ways that seem malicious and cruel on my part toward the reader. Who wants to be presented gruesome images and then smeared on the face with them? It is my gift to the reader, however, the subtleties that hide themselves among the text--the little pieces of my soul.

I've never been published. I've never before now sought to be published, however, I've just finished a novel I've been working on for about three-four years, and I need to examine my options. This novel is English and Spanish, which makes it evermore difficult to find a way to publish it.

Interests: Violin, poetry, fictional prose, and Chemistry.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No