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oxford genie

Skopje, Macedonia

I was born on a third August bed
The second was the great
If I was born on THAT GREAT second
My mother to change my name would have reckoned
Instead of Aleksandra to be called
I wouldíve had a name I never particularly adored.

The scary thing passed
I was borne at last
But not before I got mum out of lunch
On the way to the hospital she hallucinated the plums
Left in a yellow plate as a dessert in a bunch.

At first sight she fell in love with me
But I a difficult task would turn out to be
Mum didnít know how to change my diaper
Luckily it was summer so it wasnít urgent to decipher.

Kindergarten: from it I missed none
It was a kinda-garden, not a very pleasant one.

I went to school, I was timid
Still everything has its limit
Itís not that I started World War III
(I never liked dictatorship)
But if a kid to me was mean
I was not at all lean,
I did always play clean.

Secondary came
It was more lame
Than I expected
I never got respected.
I donít care
Even these days
We donít cross ways.

A month before the prom
I was hit by a bomb
I got A hepatitis
Never knew Iíd actually like this.
My mum went crazy
Was it that we were to lazy
with the hygiene?
No, said the doctor,
It turned out we were to clean.
I never thought this could happen to me
Fate has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

In hospital I never felt lost at all
We watched films, were on a strict diet
Anyone says company was bad you should know Anyoneís lying.

I went to faculty
Had I known men were a minority
Or that professors love to torture me
I would have my offer voluntarily rejected
Please, donít ask the reason further to be detected.

All was not bad
Hope on the road before me laid
I met friends I never met before
Didnít know that after so many failures there was a gift-off.

That was my life in short of 20-years old
I never was so bold
To write an autobiography
Hopefully youíll be hearing more from me.

P.S. Itís not a habit
I lied a little bit
A high-school friend
I do have
Whom I dearly love
Please visit
What Maria Makeski for you has writ.

Interests: surviving life

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