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Ron Schaeffer

Jacksonville, United States


I am still working on my writing skills. Occasionally, I write a short story or two and quite often I write a new poem. My book of poems, 'Poems of Love and Other Personal Things,' has about 130 poems in it. I self-published it through iUniverse. It has not been my best seller but it does alright.

I have a mystery out called, 'The Curse of Curtis Farm.' It has been up and down in sales but does okay.

I also have a Sci Fi called, 'The Zorcon Wars.' It's a good little story but the price is a little too high so it has not done well on the market.

I have a book on espionage called, 'Under the Berlin Wall.' I have received a few comments on it from readers, some like it and others have told me just the opposite. It's based on a true story of a GI who is in crypto espionage. He finds himself in a number of circumstances that test his metal. It's a good story, published by (Publish America.

My new book, 'Liberal Ignorance,' is quite controversial but interesting. I think it has tremendous poetential but I am still working on getting it out to the readers.


Interests: Poetry, Astronmy, classical Music, Amature Radio, History, Politics, you name it, I enjoy it. I have been writing and publishing poetry since I was eight years old. I am now 70 and still writing. I have 6 books on the market and 3 in my computer ready

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Under the Berlin Wall
  • The Curse of Curtis Farm
  • The Zorcon Wars
  • Nonfiction

  • Icon of the Heart A True Love Story
  • Liberal Ignorance
  • Poetry

  • Poems of Love and Other Personal Things