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L.A. Wilson

Sydney, Australia


Home page:

L.A. Wilson is a brilliant new writer with a mono-mania - King Arthur. L.A.'s series of books called 'The Silurian' will challenge everything you ever read before about Arthur and his knights. Forget Lancelot, forget Guinevere, forget Merlin, for The Silurian is not 'Mists of Avalon'; it is not 'Sword at Sunset'; is not any of those old reserved novels gone before - The Silurian blasts out a new path, where magic has been replaced by harsh reality, where the knights occupy dark age hill-forts instead of glittering castles, where they fight in battered armour passed down to them from their fathers from the days of the Romans. The Silurian is a first person narrative, spoken by Arthur's closest friend, companion, brother-in-arms, Prince Bedwyr, the Fox. And Bedwyr tells this story with honesty, passion, homoeroticism, daring and pain. All of it a brand new interpretation for a new generation of readers, bound for the 21st century. Set entirely in the Dark Ages of post-Roman Britain, The Silurian blends myth, legend and historical reality into a whole - a single long narrative that speaks not only of Arthur's rise to power, but his battles against the the invading Saxons, the savage Picts, and rebel British, described in-depth and graphic; Bedwyr tells you of his life with Arthur, his struggles to know him on a deeper level, of his own life and losses, the many different touches that make up the violence and power of men who lived in Dark Age warbands, committed to their commanders and wielding swords that break. The Silurian will not give you the sugary romance of Guinevere and Lancelot; no silly magic flashes from of the head of Merlin's staff; no dragons, save Arthur himself - the Pendragon of the island of Britain, the Supreme Commander of Armies in Britannia, the Magister Militum, the Dux Bellorum, his life spoken in intimate and often grim detail by Bedwyr the Fox, prince of the Dark Age Gwynedd kingdom of Dogfeiling. The story begins in Book One, The Fox and the Bear when Arthur is fifteen and Bedwyr sixteen; this is their journey to manhood, to power and glory, to suffering and death...

L.A. is also an award winning author of the science fantasy novella, The Red Crows of Aurora...

Interests: ancient history, Dark Ages, British history, King Arthur, writing, 60s music, movies, books, science, erotica, art, space, skepticism, atheism, critical thinking, Roman army

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Book One of The Silurian The Fox and The Bear
  • Book Two of The Silurian: The King of Battles