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Daren Despot

Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago


while to a teenager i may be old, to someone else (another writer perhaps?) i may be young. to me i am twenty three.

i live, and in many ways continue to grow up, on the island of Trinidad. it's a small country in the Caribbean sea, and it is as beautiful as it's people are warm, and it's culture is rich.

i did not always write. i did not always know that i could. and then one day, i did. i remember clearly, racing inside from the hummock where i was enjoying the night air. i remember waiting for my old computer to start up. and then i remember the complete fascination as one word began to fall in front of another and paragraphs rose out of sentences. a story did not then rise out of paragraphs though. that first work was crap, plain and simple. but it was something else as well. it was the beginning.

now i write whenever i can, about whatever moves me. there are stories in me that i need to tell. good stories, that need good storytelling. my mind follows these stories like a kid on a roller coaster, marvelling at the places they lead me to.

i can only hope someday to share this with the world.

Interests: i love to write. i don't know if that applies in the way that it does to most people. i only know that when i write, i am happy. all my other interests - music, movies, football, hiking - go into my work, for in my work, i am a complete person.

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Freelance: No