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Puneet Singh Sirari

New Delhi, India


Under the flag of intellectual industry, i.e., publishing industry, intellectual class of our society gets a chance to show and prove their strengths in a unique way for welfare of the mankind. So the purpose behind is just great and responsibility is on the shoulder of writers, authors and editors. It plays a crucial role that shapes the whole mankind.
After devoting many years in this industry, I have gone through its various important facets and observed its complete cycle for handovering the final product (i.e., from the inception in the author's mind to a book, journal, or a final published output) in the hand of common men who sometimes wait for the enlightened vision given by this intellectual industry.
I have procurred experience not only in writing and editing but also in strengthening its other divisions such as Project Management, Contacting with the subject editors, Team Management towards achieving our desired final products in a complete motivating environment to get the best out of everyone in a surrounding full of positive energies.
I am continuously striving in giving my best contribution to this intellectual industry and asking others to join us in this revolution of mankind.

So best of luck to everyone directly or indirectly associated with this industry.

Wishing you a great day ahead!

with Best Wishes,
Puneet S. Sirari

Interests: Occult science, philosophy, spirituality, people management

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No