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Carmen Smith

Agent: Myself
Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States


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Yahoo: pennylaneflat

I'm a youthful female living miserably in Winston-Salem, NC. I consider my appearance to be good looking though I could use a little help in certain departments. I am nearly 5'6" tall with a rather athletic build. I have dark brown hair, sexy hazel eyes and a light complexion for one of my racial background.

My personality type tends toward being introverted in large groups, but fairly talkative one-on-one or in small groups. People would most often describe my temperament as imaginative, very caring and warm, quite passionate and loving, exceptionally supportive, sometimes silly yet understanding; I'm witty. In regards to punctuality, I'm always on time.

The type of relationship I'm looking for would ideally include intellectual conversation, correspondence, friendship, romance and other activity. I'm currently single, and I have no children, nor do I want ever any—I do, however, have a sponsor child in Guatemala and if I ever obtain a permanent job in this tobacco burg, I would love to sponsor 2 more—a child in Africa and one in India, both girls of course because girls tend to get the short end of the stick in society. I'm currently employed and work as an Inventory Control Specialist for a local pharmacy. My education includes (gasp) secretarial studies and recently, a bit of medical skills for use in a clerical setting as well as pharmacy tech.

I don’t have any pets, but if you would like to get one for me I would enjoy the company of two kittens (both female) or two rabbits (same sex). I enjoy all kinds of animals but horses have always been my favorites—I used to draw them all the time.

My religious affiliation is a Seeker.

I don't smoke and drink rarely. I don't do drugs. I am tolerant of others' indulgences but I will not date a man who is a drunk and abuses illegal substances.

I enjoy a mostly vegetarian diet. People rave about my homemade cakes. Foods I enjoy include pastas and grilled chicken breasts.

I wear both glasses and contacts, when I’m not too lazy to put in the latter. I have zero tattoos, only pierced ears and usually wear a few tasteful items of jewelry. I wear makeup every time I go somewhere, I won’t leave the apt. without it!

I have less than a passing interest in politics and am a proud member of The Know Nothing Party.

I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite books are Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon and anything by Robin Cook, Tess Gerritsen, and Mary Higgins Clark. Some of my favorite musicians/songs are anything metal, gothic, or industrial especially the German artists even though they rarely sing in English!

I enjoy a TV show or two. My favorite shows include Cold Case Files and America’s Most Wanted. My favorite movies include Interview With the Vampire and The Green Mile.

I'm currently living in an apartment. My ideal dwelling would be a house in the country, ideally a horse farm.

My housekeeping habits are about average. My place is "clean enough to be healthy." I hate to drive but sometimes it’s necessary. Believe it or not, but I would like to own a hearse someday, a Karmann Ghia, and perhaps a Jaguar—I’ve wanted one since I was 9!

Interests: Writing, reading, cooking, collecting, travel, internet, classic cars, mountains, German, world war two, true crime.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • White Chocolate