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Kevin Dixon

Agent: n/a
Galway, Ireland


Emerging at the ideal age to experience the punk era’s first brief explosion and fizzle, I lived in London, studying Illustration during the emerging grimitude of the Thatcher Era.

Moving directly to Wales without stopping to collect my degree or pass ‘go’, I exchanged city life for rural Welsh style, where survival became an option again once clear of the crumbling cities.

When even those few jobs dried up - the only thing that did in Wales – I found that I needed to move back to where the work congregated, choosing the smaller cities however and eventually by osmosis of friendship, found myself moving to the peripheral scene in Brighton – an eventual gathering spot for many writers and artists.

Outside of a side trip to Berlin for the decade’s end celebration, where I was one of the first-wave climbing up on the wall at the Brandenburger Tor during New Year’s Eve.

Next was a move to The Netherlands for seven years and one day of adding even weirder jobs to my growing list, all whilst learning how to speak Dutch and getting to know some good people. It was also a time of active politics with the Socialist Party.

Making a move to the west of Ireland for some peace, I started writing in earnest, beginning Fey Ex Machina on January 1st 1998 sat up in a cold loft in Limerick City; completing the first draft in Rotterdam by spring.

From ‘98 on up the road I've been very content with just writing in my spare time. At this point Ben Jeapes took note of that novel in 2000 and with re-working offered a contract for its publication. This subsequently failed to actually appear in print due to Big Engine’s untimely demise a few months later.

By 2002 undeterred and fighting fit, I joined The Tribe Of Scribes writers’ group, publishing some of my shorter works with the rest, in an anthology of the same title during 2003 – it is as a result of this group that I met the curiously named Ford Allen, a fellow writer who drinks in many of the same bars as I have been known to get trapped in. Thankfully Ford made it possible for me to get in contact with Jean Marie Stine and so began the introduction to Renaissance e Books.

That first book begun in Limerick, will be released by Renaissance shortly.


Interests: Hard Science Fiction; Hard Fantasy

Published writer: No

Freelance: No