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Carlos Tkacz

Agent: Alan Gray
Bakersfield, California, United States


I like to write about people. I like to write about how people experience life and emotion and thier reactions to it. Most of my writing is based off true events or feelings; this way I believe I am able to effectively express the points and themes of my stories.

"'We just passed a hundred and ten!' screamed Daren as he looked down at the speedometer. He thought he hear Jared say 'shit,' but he ignored it. There was something growing in his chest as the needle on the speedometer kept hitting new numbers. It was a feeling like fear and excitement rolled together. It was the same feeling he had experienced on the night he lost his virginity, his graduation night, the day he left for college, the first time his heart was broken. It was the feeling where things where moving quicker than expected, and there was no choice but to move with it all."

My characters are real. That's what makes my stories worth reading. They are not only characters, but people with feelings and lives of their own. When I write, I do my best to actually create a person, not just an imaginary character only alive in words. I want my characters to live in the imagination on the readers, beyond the pages of my stories.

"Curve ball, Jack stretched his hand over his head towards the bedside table, try three curve balls.

What are you supposed to do when you stop at your favorite coffee shop on the way home from the police department two days after your wife's suicide and two gunmen smash in and shoot you? When you look down and see the blood coming from the hole in your chest, when you see the fragments of bone and feel the bullet burning somewhere in your back, how do you deal? Your son comes to mind, and how he's all alone now. You realize that with no living relatives, he's forever without family. Maybe, just maybe, in the second it takes you to drop your latte and crumple to the floor, you see his face and understand the cruelty and see the final curve ball twisting his way. With a cockroaches view of the coffee shop and the volume turned down to a muffled roar, you hear your failing heart beat in your head and mutter an apology that your son will never hear."

We all have times in our lives that seem beyond our ability to cope with. Everyone has to deal with tragedy and with the problems of just being alive. That is what I focus on with my writing, and that is why I feel that my stories are relevant.

I write stories about life and about being alive, something everyone can relate to.

Interests: writing, photography, film and film making, music, soccer, life in general

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes