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Marisa Readus

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Alabaster, Alabama, United States


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Marisa L. Readus is the author of the book entitled
"You Are What You Speak". This is the first book that Marisa has written and it has been encouragement to many. Marisa shares her testimony of overcoming homelessness, domestic violence, loss of sight, incarceration, and being attacked. There is a lot to her story but she contantly gives thanks to God and his glory. She knows that he has been the only one to keep her through so much that has happened in her life. At the age of 30 Marisa understands that it is a choice to be positive and to allow the positive to flow into your life and through your life. Marisa states "so often we take for granted the opportunity that we have to encourage someone with only our words. I enjoy sharing my story because I know that it was not a negative attitude or a negative outlook that has gotten me to this point. I have realized that we can either allow test in our life to make us bitter or to make us better. It is a choice."

Marisa is currently working on her second book entitled RELATING TO WOMEN "You Are What You Speak" Phase II. This book is a branch of the first book. A few of the chapters are called "Where Did It All Begin?, Season Or A Lifetime, and All About Me, just to name a few. This book has been made to encourage women to allow the test of life whether from childhood or a bad marriage to mold them into someone wonderful, someone worthy, and someone strong. "In my eyes defeat is not an option, and failure is not a choice. There is so much in this life to be offered to us and so much to offer. We just have to know how to use this wonderful life that has been given to us inspite of the many trials that we may endure."

Marisa is looking forward to starting her third book entitled "Where Does Peace Come In?" This book will talk about the choice to come out of incarceration and begin a new life. The big question is where does the peace come in when everyone expects you to fail. You are dealing with guilt of the bad decision that not only affected your life but the lives of your children? It will give details on how to allow a bad situation to turn into a good situation, which in return you are at peace and in peace within yourself. It starts with forgiveness and that opens the door to many other opportunities of healing.

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Interests: Inspirational Speaker/ Inspirational Writer. I enjoy spending time with my 2 daughters and encouraging women.

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