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ken shapley

8 ainslie place
edinburgh, United Kingdom


Home page:

Ken Shapley has been telling stories professionally for ten years now. He has performed in schools, lecture halls, community centres, museums and around campfires in England, France, Canada and Japan to audiences of five years old and above. He has an enthusiastic and dynamic presentation style; his performances encompass a wide range of story types, creation myths, wisdom tales of native peoples, wonder tales and stories of faith and personal growth. He supports his stories with musical instruments including Medicine Drum, Gongs and Didgeridoo which children and adult alike find spellbinding. His first novel "When We All Dream Together" is available though tells the tale of how 13 dreamers trigger the worlds first dream revolution.
He often performs with his wife Mio, who is from Japan, and can fashion performances or residencies to suit schools/venue needs, including story creating games, guided visualisations, songs, dances and artistic projects evolving from the stories.

Ken was born in 1964 in Wales, his parents are Scottish and he was brought up in England, a Celtic mongrel! He undertook professional training at Emerson College in their three month residential course, The Craft of The Storyteller 2003 which was supported by The Scottish Arts Council. In 2004 he received a Millennium Award through Community Foundations Scotland to offer storytelling, art and Japanese Tea Ceremony to Edinburgh schools in a three month project with his wife Mio.

His greatest loves are stories that help us explore the mysteries of life and give us insights into other cultures. He is a firm believer in the power of storytelling, both as teller and listener, to help us develop a broad understanding of our wonderful world and to learn, through enjoyment, how to use our gifts of communication, creativity and imagination to the fullest.
He feels Storytelling helps us appreciate both our citizenship and independence with a sense of awe and wonder for life.

Interests: lucid dreaming, didgeridoo playing, healing,swimming

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • When We All Dream Together