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Ilyas Ahmed

410, Symphony, P S Nagar
Hyderabad, India



Ilyas is a well-known broadcaster, writer and TV serial director based in Hyderabad, India. He has multi-faceted aptitudes in the field of entertainment. During the past three decades he has made a mark of his own in Screenplay Writing, Direction, TV and radio.

Television: Ilyas entered the TV field way back in 1988 and was forerunner by co-authoring and producing 13-episode crime-thriller “Paharaa Hushaar” for Doordarshan, Hyderabad.

Ilyas established himself as a Director in the year 1992. His very first attempt at Direction (a tele-film titled “Pogamanchu”) earned him the prestigious Best Debut-Director’s Nandi Award. And the tele-film itself earned two more Nandi Awards for Best Male Lead and 2nd Best Production during the same year.

In the year 1993, Ilyas produced and directed yet another tele-film, “Chirudivvelu” that was adjudged Best Children’s film for Nandi Awards and he was the recipient of Best Children’s Film Director’s Award. From 1995 till 1999 he was engaged in writing and directing a mega TV serial titled “Anveshita” for ETV. This 100-episode TV serial, based on a novel earlier written by him, extensively dealt with the paranormal.

The mega serial Anveshita, had bagged a total number of 8 Nandi awards during the years 1998 and 1999. Out of these Ilyas received the Best Screenplay Writer’s award for the year 1998 and the Second Best Production (Director’s) award 1999. The rest of the awards went to various other technicians and artistes who were in his team. The serial itself was a runaway successs for the TV channel earning it enormous profits.

Ilyas has also written and directed yet another daily serial, Alaukika, for ETV (2004-2006). This unique serial was based on Dimension Shift, Alien Contacts and Time Travel...

Radio: During his long tenure with All India Radio, Ilyas had anchored and presented innumerable programmes that endeared him to the listeners. He has to his credit more than 100 radio plays and equal number of features and innovative programmes, which were penned and presented by him.

Publications: Ilyas has co-authored several short stories, features and a few novels together with his wife Dr. Jyotsna Ilyas, which were serialized in leading Telugu weeklies. Readers’ response to all these was overwhelming. His popular novels are ‘Final Warning’ and ‘Kodaala Kodaala Koduku Pellama’. While, Final Warning dealt about deadly disease AIDS; Kodaala Kodaala… was a study of the paranormal, parapsychology etc.

Dream Project: With several creative ideas Ilyas now wishes to go into writing and directing feature films. A couple of his scripts are now being considered by Hollywood as well as Indian producers. Presently he is working on a dream project in the genre of Science Fiction/Psychological Horror. He has plans to come with subjects that are yet to be attempted in Indian films.

Interests: Paranormal, horror, mystery, socially relevant subjects

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes