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Jia Wen Loo

Agent: agentname
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I started out my career as a graphic designer in 2001,
having graduated from Parsons School of Design in New
York. The school had prepared me for the most
demanding of clients, but not for the particular brand of 'I
can be a designer too, if I know how to use the computer'
clients I encountered at work in KL. Having put up with
this and the excruciatingly long hours for two patient
years, I moved on.

I freelanced as a designer for an art gallery in Bangsar and
a well-known theatre group - work that was a joy. I also
contributed food review articles to KLue magazine at the
steady rate of one to two articles a month for almost a
year, with the occasional theatre and arts review.
Eventually, I joined an advertising agency as a copywriter.
There, my accounts included a big department store &
supermarket, an airline, restaurants, shampoo & facial
cleansers and a food seasoning giant. Armed with more
than two years' 'experience here, I ventured out into the
world of freelancing again.

Recently, my clients (on freelance basis) have included IJM
Properties, Hotel Maya, Berinda (a housing development
subsidiary of the Kuok Group), Xepa sp (a pharmaceutical
company under Apex), the Spring (a shopping centre in
Kuching), I-Berhad, Italiannies restaurant and a yogurt/
deli franchise that is currently in development.

With commercial writing, I enjoy the research and
assimilation of new information necessary with each new
project. I would love to write about all the things I am
passionate about, so enquiries to these would be like rain
on a hazy day.

Interests: Food & Dining, Art, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Gardening, Blogs, Beaches, DIY. Anything sensorial, particularly tactile, fascinates me.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes