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Diamar Fernandez

Chicago, Illinois, United States


AOL: Yoruichi Inoue

Yo. Name's Di. Er, my nickname. My full name's Diamar, but people have trouble with it, so Di it is. I'm 19, a college dropout who's diving in headfirst into acting and writing, and I have various interests. These include music, writing, and acting. I was majoring in Theater, FYI. I like a lot of things and dislike some things, including talking about myself.

Currently, I'm in Chicago, looking to break into acting and get my writing published.

Interests: 1984, acting, alcohol, bad religion, books, bright eyes, existentialism, guitar, guys, hanging out, invader zim, ipod nano, movies, music (playing and listening), new york dolls, night life, nirvana, ramones, sex pistols, stuff, the clash, the dresden dol

Published writer: No

Freelance: No