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Danielle DeVor

Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

I was born on a hot muggy August morning. Ironic, considering I would spend most of my time loving the creatures that roam in the dark.

My obsession with vampires began when I was three years old. I had just discovered "bats" and was completely fascinated. This was, of course, after I had taught myself to read using the TV Guide. Once I discovered the "vampire bat" and looked a little further back in the card catalog (for those of us who remember the paper card days)and found a listing for "vampire."

After that, I was completely ruined. I have read about vampires in Romanian, Russian, German, and English. Having studied vampires for over 27 years, I will freely admit that I consider myself to be an expert on vampires.

I began writing when I was rather young. The first experience I can remember is writing a yearbook for my dog, Beau. I literally thought that Beau was my brother, and when asked why he wasn't in school, I would simply tell them that he didn't have any hands. Of course not, he had paws, but my teachers didn't know that and contacted my parents about programs for the handicapped. You can probably imagine the embarrassment my father felt when having to explain to my teacher that my brother was the family dog.

When I was thirteen, I became a published poet. My works were primarily published in various newsletters. You can still find a listing of one of my poems that was featured in the "Count Ken Fan Club Newsletter #97."

Once I hit college, I majored in Theatre, planning to do special effects make-up for horror films. I, of course, had plans for working on vampire movies. In the process, I discovered that I had a knack for writing plays. I ended up writing, producing, and directing 2 plays during my college career. Both "Hell, Ca. Pop. 4" and "A Blink of Twilight" were written up in the college newspaper- The Daily Anthenaeum.

After that, I took a break from writing. I went to work as a pointe shoe cobbler, and ended up writing an article about the fitting of pointe shoes for Ballet Alert, a now defunct newsletter. I then worked as a customer service representative and in variety of other fields before deciding to go back to school, where I majored in Art History.

During the final year of my Art History degree, I was hit upside the head with an good idea for a novel in which a street kid is turned into a vampire.

This book has taken over my life. So far, I am not quite half-way finished, but hope to have it finished by December of this year. Wish me luck!

Interests: Vampires, Playing the harp, Studying Russian Language, Ballet, Writing, Making short films, Reading anything that isn't nailed down.

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  • Having a Fit