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Sorin Cerin

Bucharest, Romania


Home page:

Sorin Cerin (b. November 25 1963, Baia Mare, Romania) Romanian philosopher and essayist.
He spent the biggest part of his childhood at the parish of his grandfather Iuliu Pintea, an ortodox priest, parish situated in Sauca village, Satu Mare county. In one of his interviews, Cerin declared that the parish house was also the place of childhood for the Magyar poet Kölcsey Ferencz, one of the most reprezentative writers of Hungary. After having finished the highschool in Baia Mare he attended the courses of the Institute for Italian Language and Culture from Bucharest. He actively participated in the Revolution of December 1989, having among the first who succeeded in entering the former Central Committee of the Communist Party. After the events of December he becomes editor for the political section of the daily newspaper Justice which belonged to the National Peasant Christian and Democratique Party.Due to the miners revolts which caused him troubles, he chose the exile and task refuge in the United States of America. After several years he come back to Romania and sattled down in Bucharest, meanwhile he missed for a certain period when he was on the australian continent as an international press correspondent for Australia.

Philosophical works

If Osho is a mystic in his aphorisms, Sorin Cerin is a philosopher, the author of a new philosophical system called Coaxialism.In the book The Coaxialism, published in 2007 Cerin established the principles of the coaxialism then publish more books which develop these principles. Compared with Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein, Sorin Cerin is searched by the general public, especially for the famous Wisdom Collection, with its six volumes of aphorisms.
Wisdom Collection and Eminescu Publishing House
One of the most prestigious and selective Romanian publishing house Eminescu in the Library of Philosophy published in autumn 2009 its entire sapiantial works including all volumes of aphorisms published before and other volumes that have not seen the light to that date. Romanian academician Gheorghe Vlăduţescu,University Professor,D.Phil.,philosopher, one of the biggest romanian celebrity in the philosophy of culture and humanism believes about sapiential works of Sorin Cerin in Wisdom collection:\" Sapiential literature has a history perhaps as old writing itself. Not only in the Middle Ancient, but in ancient Greece \"wise men\" were chosen as apoftegmatic (sententiar) constitute, easily memorable, to do, which is traditionally called the ancient Greeks, Paideia, education of the soul for one\'s training.And in Romanian culture is rich tradition.Mr.Sorin Cerin is part of it doing a remarkable work of all. Quotes - focuses his reflections of life and cultural experience and its overflow the shares of others. All those who will open this book of teaching, like any good book, it will reward them by participation in wisdom, good thought of reading them.\"

Famous thoughts

*The soul mate is what we aspire to and like to understand about us, is what we deem to be perfection, purity and endless regarding our own being.
*The Death\'s Field is the mirror which allows us the knowledge of the world we living in.
*How would this world be if there was not God? The answer is simple: it would become itself God.
*Man\'s life is knowledge and that\'s all. If the Man didn\'t knew life he didn\'t exist.
*Where do we people go if not towards the perfection of our own illusion?

Literary works

First appearance
In 1986 he made his debut with the poem intitled \"Marine\" published in the BTT(Office of Tourism for Youth) almanack, signing by the pseudonym Sorin Mara Angel, under which, one year later, published an interview with the criticist Alexandru Piru in the magazine \"Students Life\". During that period,several composers created tunes for his poetry,such as Vasile Veselovski, Elly Roman and some others.
Publishing debut
In 2003 he made his publishing debut with the novel Destiny.
He colaborated for the culture magazines Kogaion Review, L\'etoile du Danube, Romanian Morning Star, The Echo, Literary Life, Cultural Bulletin, Literary Mirror, Literary Destiny from Canada,etc.In this magazines was published both fragments from his literary and philosophy works, interviews or many reviews from critics.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Destiny
  • The Divine Light [Kindle Edition]
  • Nonfiction

  • Wisdom Collection: The book of illusions and reality (Volume 3) [Paperback]
  • Wisdom Collection [Paperback]
  • Wisdom Collection: The book of revelations (Volume 4) [Paperback]
  • Culegere de intelepciune (Romanian Edition) [Paperback]
  • Wisdom Collection: The book of wisdom [Paperback]
  • Wisdom Collection: The book of the dead (Volume 5) [Paperback]
  • Coaxialismul: Coaxiologie , Numerologie ,Neoontologie, Neognoseologie (Romanian Edition) [Paperback]
  • Wisdom Collection: The book of passion (Volume 2) [Paperback]
  • Wisdom Collection: The book of immortality (Volume 6) [Paperback]
  • Other

  • The Conception State in Coaxiological Phenomenology
  • (Death,Naught,Unnaught,Life and Bilderberg Group
  • Antichrist,Being and Love
  • The coaxiological logic
  • The coaxialism
  • The Origin of God