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eNKay Durand

Duluth, Minnesota, United States


About the author:
Hello, my name is eNKay, it's short for NancyKay. I am the author of The Draclunacy Trilogy, Where the Purple Flower Grows and a short called The Curse and Gift of Hope. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin dreaming through the long, cold winters and short summers about Lake Superior and what mysteries the lake may hold. As an adult, I have lived many places in the United States; however, my thoughts are always with Lake Superior.
I am naturally athletic, and love to rip stick, bicycle, and just play. Though I drink more coffee than many humans should, I find coffee actually helps me relax. As an avid reader, I read anything and everything, even the labels on toilet paper and chemical compositions.
As a mother of four children, they are my inspiration for many of my writings. I am so thankful to have them in my life.
Yes, I need an editor.
Yes, I dream each story.
I love ALL my endeavors, even when I come to a hurdle. I view it as a new learning experience. Some people see an area, whereas I see the WORLD.

Like one of my songs says, 'I have big dreams, but if one can't shoot for the stars how are they going to reach the moon if they are not reaching far.'
Success isn't for me all about money or fame. Success is doing what I love the BEST I can.

Interests: Writing, reading, sports, nature and anything else that my peak my interest.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Moon Struck
  • Dragons Moon
  • Where the Purple Flower Grows
  • The Curse & Gift of Hope
  • Other

  • Old buildings are a link to much of Superior's history
  • Restful Images of the Northland