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Joyce Marie Taylor

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Hollywood, Florida, United States


Home page:

Joyce Marie Taylor, although originally hailing from New Jersey, has lived in South Florida so long that she feels like a native of the state. After writing four Florida-themed novels, though, she was ready to try something a little different.

Her newest novel, ANIRATAK, has just been released, as of September 2007. This book, however, has a different setting, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The novel was partially in the works before she vacationed on Ocracoke Island this past May. Then, suddenly, it went full bloom when a nor’easter decided to pay her an untimely visit, which, in her estimation, merely added to the excitement of the plot.

In addition to her novels, she has written various poetic works for Anthologies, which include, “America at the Millennium, The Best Poems and Poets of the 20th Century,” and she was a featured poet in both the 2004 and 2005 “International Who’s Who In Poetry.” Additionally, she was awarded the honor of 2006 Poetry Ambassador. Her latest poetic accomplishment is her poem “Hasty Words”, which is to be included in "30 Days To Taming Your Tongue Workbook", by best-selling Christian author, Deborah Pegues.

Her other novels:

Kiss Me Darlin'
You are about to read a love story starring Jasmine Carter (JC). She is a young female chef, whose career will suddenly shift into another arena when she meets the one and only Carter Jamison (CJ). He's wealthy, he's powerful, and he's more handsome than a setting sun. With a South Florida setting, the author couldn't help but weave a devastating hurricane into the mix - a fictional storm, yet lifelike in intensity. There is also an interesting side story, which depicts the Feng Shui philosophy and its correlation to JC's life. Follow along as these two totally opposite characters cross paths on their way to a fine romance, and discover whether or not long-held secrets will reunite a family. So, grab a book, head to the beach, or your favorite armchair, and enjoy the ride!

Off Course – A Seaworthy Romance
Lauren Callahan is about to discover love in all its many disguises. She will learn the subtle differences between lustful, animal attraction, dependent love, familial love, and love of the truest kind, while on her way to realizing a childhood dream. As the story unfolds, she will emerge through each phase into a stronger, more confident woman, despite the physical and emotional hardships that seem to be haunting her. Sally and Pierre, her two most loyal friends - and quirky characters, indeed - will manage to keep her entertained during the toughest moments.

Will Lauren follow her grandfather's advice? Will she find happiness with Bryan, the wealthy, Dallas businessman, Dean, the rising star bank president, or Michael, the Key West sailor? Will an impending hurricane dash her dream to smithereens? And, finally, do true friends really make the best lovers? All these questions will be answered as you read this oftentimes-humorous tale of a young woman and her dream.

The Ruby Con
John…1010…What does it mean? The book of John, Chapter 10, Verse 10…Numbers…Johns…Paranoia!Who...
Or what...Is after Kitty Polowski? Are her fears real?
Or is it just her mind playing tricks?

Kitty is trying to find her niche in the world and search for love at the same time. What safer way to meet new men than anonymously on the Internet? She soon discovers the Internet isn’t so anonymous. Soon, she cannot distinguish between reality and paranoia, as the stalker gets closer.

People she knows are dying. Is it merely coincidence? Everyone is suspect. Especially John.

Can she run from her past? Can she hide? And...who is John?

Lauren's Dream
No Longer in print

Novels In Progress:
A soon-to-be-released young teen novel, entitled, Boys Are Smelly, is a look back into the childhood of any adult, as well as a peek inside the equine community. It is currently being reviewed by a 10-year old critic and will be on the market in 2008.

Visit her website for more info about all her books.

Interests: Novel writing, poetry, travel, adventure and romance

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Kiss Me Darlin' A Fine Romance
  • Off Course - A Seaworthy Romance
  • The Ruby Con
  • Lauren's Dream - A Key West Romance