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Mario González-Román

Agent: Alan Skinner, CEO
Minatitlán 12, Colonia Roma, Mexico City
D. F., Mexico


Home page:

- To date, I am the Honorary Security Director and Columnist for the most complete Web-based information resource for expatriate foreign nationals in Mexico:

-Also, a Seminar Instructor on Public Safety in Mexico.
Member of the prestigious Security Experts Council, New York-based Gerson Lehrman Group

-I am available to serve privately as an independent Security Consultant, arranging protection for visiting High-Risk CEOs, businessmen and women, in coordination with Mexico City’s Metropolitan Police (PBIDF), in accordance to existing legal framework.

-Served as UNSECOORD’s Field Security Assistant in Mexico, under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program.

-Retired from the American Embassy on August 10, 2001 after 28 years of continued service, authorized by Mexican Congress.

-I received 4 Meritorious Honor Awards from the U. S. Government during my tenure at the Embassy for having served the best interests of Mexico and the United States of America.


- I believe that the answer to Mexico’s Public Safety problems lies in the creation of responsible, professionally sound programs in Crime Prevention.

-In order to work, these must take into consideration the Global context.

-Poverty, lack of employment opportunities and other serious problems are not resolved by increasing the number of policemen, incarcerating an ever increasing number of criminals, or repressing those who demand better living conditions.

-Good and bad government officials exist in every society.

-Alarmist Travel warnings rather than provide a solid information resource, create panic and fear for all potential investors willing to open new jobs.

-Tourists every year flood Mexico’s international resorts, because this is a favorite destination point, free from terrorist activity. Many corporate executives visit Mexico regularly. Others reside here with their families.

-Despite being described as a country plagued by violence, corruption, criminal activity, we have an ever growing International Community, comprised mostly of North Americans.

-These have chosen Mexico as their new home.

-An increasing English-speaking audience demands reliable information and believe in taking necessary steps to reduce risks.

-Crime prevention is the practical solution to our Public Safety problems today.

-In this column, readers learn the Know How. Security Corner is one of the answers to establishing trust badly needed by police authorities in Mexico.

-Should every city, municipality, state have their own version of these articles, adapted to the local reality of each community, crime will decrease.

-In the meantime, economists, sociologists, business men and women, policy makers establish new goals in society for long-term development and prosperity.

-International publications, travel guides in German and other languages, routinely make Security Corner part of their recommendations to visitors or members of their communities.

-Comes completely FREE of Charge. No conditions.

Interests: - Promote Crime Prevention as a USEFUL, PRACTICAL tool among MEXICO Travelers. - Publish Memoirs: Memoirs is a long-term, yet unfinished project, though only a few details are missing to complete it. The text includes recollections of: childhood; ad

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