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Terray Kashuba

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Spokane, Washington, United States


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I am a professional educator, psychological researcher, and online college instructor. I like intellectually challenging activities that focus on forensic psychology, behavioral science and communication theories. My Master's thesis in psychology was: The origin and evolution of the primal and quantum mind. It is about the evolution of the human brain and consciousness. It is about how the human brain develops and learns.

My Applied Psychology degree was awarded from the EWU College of Education and Human Development, specializing in problems in early childhood development, problems in adolescence, school violence, human sexuality and violence.

When I wrote my thesis in Applied Psychology in 1999, only one thing was missing, the identification of the gene that differentiates the development of lower primate brains from those of human beings. The gene was recently discovered. By integrating my research with new neuroscience research done at Salk Institute; I expect to be able to produce an advanced explanation for how children learn and how their brains develop.

I am somewhat reclusive. I hope only to make a positive contribution to my field.

I am working on the following books:

Implementing advanced creative thought processes into educational, corporate and gifted education programs.

Profiling the Violent Primal and Quantum Mind.

I was awarded a second, Master of Science in Communication Studies from, the EWU College of Letters and Social Sciences, specializing in the semiotic analysis of writing and the psychology of media communications. I am currently working on a Ph.D. in Psychology at Walden University.

I teach psychology, behavioral science and communications for the University of Phoenix.

I am a behavioral profiler that has conducted psychological research for Applied Research Behavioral Analysis.

I am involved in writing and illustating children's literature, and science related educational materials. I have taught every grade level preschool through high school physics and in gifted education programs.

I hope you will purchase my book: The World of Dark Shadows. It is science fiction and fantasy with a touch of horror intended for young adults and adults. I have intentionally used or integrated 34 identifiable, advanced creative thought processes in writing this book.

This book will intrigue you, force you to question what you believe about reality and the possibility of alternate dimensions. It explores the literary theme, that unknown evil and benevolent beings from alternate dimensions may be able to step through the barrier and influence individuals in this dimesion. It gives new meaning to, "We struggle against powers and principalities."

Readers tell me the book fascinated them, and that they identified with the challenges and struggles that each character endured, with the personality and character transformations that took place, as each character confronted their greatest fears. Readers tell me that the book made them think, question reality, laugh and cry.

Below is an except from, The World of Dark Shadows.

"Do you believe that ancient signs and symbols have the power to influence human actions? Do you believe that an object or person can be inherently good or evil? I believe that time and death are but illusions and each of us has a destiny to fullfill. There is light and the absence of light. It is up to you to decide, if you want to touch the darkness and be blinded by the night."

The World of Dark Shadows

The World of Dark Shadows, available now on is, science fiction fantasy with a touch of horror. It was written for the young adult to adult audience. Order it today.

My next book: America on the Edge of Awareness: 21st Century Resistance Poetry and Political Commentary, will be available in November of 2006. The poems in my blog come from this, soon to be released book.

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Terray Antares Kashuba

Interests: I enjoy writing about, psychology, behavioral science, behavioral profiling, the nature of the criminal mind, human sexuality and violence, school violence, education, advanced creative thought processes, education, gifted education, communication studies

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  • The World of Dark Shadows
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  • America on the Edge of Awareness:21st Century Resistance Poetry & Political Commentary