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Danen Jobe

Winslow, Arkansas, United States


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Grew up around Joplin, Missouri but have spent most of my life now in Arkansas, specifically Winslow, Arkansas which gets a lot of writing time. I teach English Composition and Lit at the University of Arkansas, Ft Smith. I have basically lived my life with one ear in a stereo, though what fascinates me most is how music relates to a culture, with how people define themselves by and are reflected in the music they create.

My first book, a short novel called "Niagra Blues: Slingerland," certainly reflects this idea, tracing the early life of a musician who happens to be a fictionalized version of legendary "outsider" musician Jandek. The book, in fact, has been written with the consent of Jandek's label, Corwood Industries, though it in no way intends for its story to be taken as factual. Rather, it mixes Jandek in with the late poet Frank Stanford and the troubles that arise from hard living in the Ozark Mountains. I have been fortunate to have this book picked up by Single Cell Press out of Scotland, and think the link between the South and Scotland is radically unexpolored.

I'm currently planning a follow-up to this book tentatively called "Niagra Blues:Sixth Street Moan," but have a multitude of ideas for projects including one about Harry Houdini stuck in small town Arkansas discovering an anomoly he can't explain.

Interests: Tremendous interest in blues and jazz music and history, as well as good literature from any age - Sumarians to Shakespeare to Post-Post Modernists.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Niagra Blues: Slingerland