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Nursalam AR

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia


Home page:

Personal Data

Name : Nursalam AR (Salam)
Gender : Male
Place/Date of Birth : Jakarta, January 6, 1977
Religion : Islam
Marital Status : Single
Home Address : Jl. Pengadegan Timur III No. 10 RT 011/01
Jakarta Selatan 12770
Phone : (021) 794-5651
Mobile Phone : 0813-10040723
E-mail :
Website :


Active comprehension (English), computer literacy (Ms. Office and internet), persuasive communication skills (written and spoken) and leadership management.

Academic Background

A. Formal Education
1. Ma’had ‘Utsman bin ‘Affan, Jakarta 2002 (6 months)
2. Faculty of Public Health (S-1 degree), majoring in Epidemiology, University of Indonesia 1996-2001
3. SMUN 55 Jakarta (Physics Division) 1993-1996
4. SMPN 154 Jakarta 1990-1993
5. Madrasah Annasyatul Hikmiyyah Jakarta 1986-1990
6. SDN 05 Pengadegan Jakarta 1983-1990

B. Selected Non Formal Education/ Training
1. Journalism training at, an official website of DKI Jakarta Regional Administration January 2002 (1 week)
2. Forum Lingkar Pena Workshop on Short Story and Novel Writing 2001 (1 day)
3. Basic Management and Leadership Training for Student at UI, organized by Board of UI Academic Management 1998 (1 week)
4. Journalism Training for Health Student of Jakarta at UI, organized by Faculty of Nursery UI 1998 (1 day)
5. Islamic Journalism Training at Al Ijtihaad Mosque, Jakarta, organized by Youth Club of Al Ijtihaad Mosque 1995 (3 days)
6. LB-LIA Pengadegan (Advanced English level) 1995-1998
7. Nurul Fikri English Department ( Basic level) 1994-1995
8. Computer Course at Widyaloka Training Center (Lotus and Wordstar) 1994-1995
9. Intensive English Course (IEC) Jakarta (finished General levels) 1992-1994

Selected Organization and Social Activities Experience
1. Komunitas Bahtera, an on-line translator’s club July 2006-now
2. Forum Lingkar Pena Jakarta, a writer’s club March 2006-now
3. Volunteer for Mitranetra Foundation (association for blindmen) January 2006-now
4. Chairman for BPM(Faculty’s Students Congress) FKM UI 1999-2000
5. Ex-officio senator for MPM (University’s Students Congress) UI 1999
6. General Secretary for SM (Students Senate) FKM UI 1998-1999
7. Chief Editor for Preventia Tabloid (a campus tabloid) 1997-1998
8. Editorial staff for ‘Iffah bulletin (a campus bulletin) 1997-1998
9. Editorial staff for KITA magazine ( an Islamic children magazine) 1996-1997

Selected Achievement

1. 4th Runner up on Abstract Writing Contest, organized by Public Library of Central Jakarta 2002
2. Consolation Champion on Essay Writing Contest for Students, organized by Public Library of Soemantri Brodjonegoro 2001
3. 3rd Runner up on LKTTI(Scientific Writing Contest) for UI Students, organized by Board of UI Academic Management 1999
4. 5th Runner up on Islamic Writing Contest, organized by APP Students Senate 1998
5. Runner up on English Contest at SMUN 55, organized by Board of School Management 1995
6. Consolation Champion on National Short Story Contest, organized by UNS Solo Students Senate 1993
7. Champion on Essay Contest for SMA Student at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Jakarta for 25th Anniversary of TIM Jakarta, Organized by Board of Jakarta Art (DKJ). 1993

Working Experience

1. Part time English instructor for LPIA branch Tebet January-August 2003
2. Part time English instructor for BBC International branch Klender May 2002-June 2003
3. Freelance English teacher for Al Ijtihaad Foundation Jakarta 2000-2002
4. English teacher for LPI Al Mizan Jakarta 2001 (3 months)
5. Executive Secretary for NGO Komite Waspada Orde Baru 2000-2001
6. English teacher for Al Anwar English Course Jakarta 2000-2001
7. Financial Consultant for PT Asuransi Syariah Takaful 2000 (1 month)
8. Part time English teacher for SMK Pembangunan Jaya 1999-2000
9. Private English teacher 1997-2002
10 Teacher for TPA Umar ibn Khattab & Mujahidin, Islamic Kindergartens 1994-1997

Selected Job Experience related to the Journalism and Writing

1. Freelance English translator & interpreter Nov 2005-now
2. Script Translator at PT Tripar Multivision Plus, Jakarta Oct 2005-Nov 2005
3. English translator at CV. Bilingual Business Service (BBS), Jakarta August 2003-Sept 2005
4. Freelance reporter for Personalia magazine, a publishing division of PT ZEGA , Jakarta January-June 2002
5. Freelance reporter for, a youth website sponsored by Wearness Computer Company 2000-2001
6. Freelance reporter for Media Kesehatan magazine, an official health journal managed by Diploma III FKM-UI Management 1997-2001
7. Freelance writer for national mass media 1993-now

Specific Qualification in Translating and Writing

I have translated many legal documents and free-article writings such as leasing contract, notary deed, official papers, articles and the most interesting that I had translated a book entitled What Went Wrong by Bernard Lewis, an American orientalism scholar, published by Princeton University Press in 2001 which described problems between Muslim and Christian during hundreds years since Cross War to this present day and the solution for overall problems. Furthermore, I have translated a book entitled Fundamentalisme Islam dan Jihad: Antara Otentisitas dan Ambiguitas which is written by Chaider S. Bamualim, a scholar from IAIN Jakarta into English. Its Indonesian version is published in September 2003 by IAIN Jakarta in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, a German Non-Governmental Organization.
I have been a freelance English translator for several translating agencies in Jakarta for about 1 year, my specialties are legal English (including economic and business) and occupational health (Health, Safety and Environment). I am also experienced and trained in translating free articles, such as social, culture and politics and literature articles. Some of translating agencies which have been my business partners are: JG Translation, ANP Trans, BBS Trans, Aussy, ABA Karsa, IMY Trans, Unggul Translation, ILC Trans, GTS Trans and ABSA Trans. Furthermore, I had ever involved in translation project for MTV, Plan Indonesia (HSE manual), Telkom, Bakrie Brothers and Lion Air.
I have ever published my children short stories, Islamic short stories, poems, articles or humorous stories in Prioritas, Media Indonesia, Suara Pembaruan, Ananda, Bobo, Jurnal Media Kesehatan, Buletin ‘Iffah, Tabloid AKSI, Tabloid Mahasiswa Indonesia, Rumah Dunioa website,Tabloid Abadi, Koran Pak Oles, Annida, Saksi, Tabloid Preventia, Majalah Imajio d/h AKSARA,bulletin IEC, LIA internal magazine, and Buletin Pusdiknakes Jakarta.
One of my poem entitled “Pesan Ajal” published by Pustaka Jamil (2006) in “Empati Jogja”, a poetry anthology by Komunitas Puisi FLP in cooperation with Portal Infaq (2006), and one short story of mine entitled ‘”Catatan Harian Gembel Cilik” is published by Gapuraja Media in “The Regala 204B”, a collective anthology of short stories in the same year (2006).

Interests: Literature, politics, health and psychology

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes