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Ashwini Ahuja

Agent: Girivar Prasad Bissa
4 F Kailash Nagar, Opp, New Grain Market
Fazilka, India


Home page:

Ashwini Ahuja was born in Fazilka- a tiny city of Punjab in India. He spent several years of his life acquiring post graduate degrees and proficiency in languages both English and Hindi. He earned his M. Phil (1988) and M. Ed (1995) and appointed as a lecturer in Punjab government service. He struggled for six years to get permanent job in education department. He worked as a part time lecturer in DAV College, Malout, DAV College Abohar and M.R. government college, Fazilka before joining permanent job in school education.
Presently, he is working as a lecturer in his native city, Fazilka. Ashwini Ahuja is forty years. He is a stunning bilingual writer with the quality of dramatic imagination and ardent passion. In English, he is always trying to explore new zenith of fiction. He has come out with two dazzling fiction books- a book of story collection (Sorry Sir) and a novel (Simply Swayamsevak), both are all set to get published. Apart from it, he had the credit to three books get published in Hindi- two fiction books and one book of poetry. He had published more than hundred short stories, poems, mini stories and articles on diverse themes including politics and religion in several magazines and periodicals. He is determined to put pen to paper only in English henceforth.
He wrote his first poem in 1984 at the time of blue star operation in Punjab and experienced the agonies of curfew following the operation. His first story written in Hindi published in 1986, which published in a small daily later and in 1991 his two books simultaneously, poetry and fiction in Hindi were published by two different publishers. Then all of a sudden, he fell into oblivion and took ten years to show off his next piece. In 2002, he came out with a dazzling fiction book on terrorism in Punjab, depicting the tales of militancy-ridden victims with absorbing intelligence and wonderful imagination. Meanwhile, he wrote a Hindi novel which was serialized in daily published from Rajasthan but he hated to publish it in book form because it did not appeal to himself either. He also wrote one-act plays which published in language department’s monthly magazine and two full dramas which he decided to show off publishers after completing his novel in English and for the time being he whimsically dumped them into wastebasket and presently they are there gasping its last breaths. Presently, his first book- ‘Sorry Sir’ has been accepted by a new publisher without paying him even a penny after dozens of typical rejection with the typical language from several publishers but he is satisfied as he foresees his glory awaited after the book came in market.
Presently, he is busy polishing his first novel-" A Rebel Of Innocence" After its completion and simultaneously looking for a suitable publisher in India and abroad as well.

What the critics say about of the just finished novel

"A Rebel Of Innocence" is purely based on great idea of multi-cultural wrangle with the blending of mystery,love and romance. It is a love story of two university scholars hailing from different religions. It is also a story of betray, bigotry and national chauvinism.
It sets around the time of after partition in India and highlights RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)programmes. Its values, its mission except for its pseudo agenda. And its discordant role in Indian politic and belligerency. RSS people wanted to transform secular India into a Hindu nation. Why India is not renovated into glorious Hindu nation as Pakistan is popular Islamic country they argued. So far not even a single novel has been written on the same theme
The story of novel revolves around Kabir- a simple member of sangh who works for RSS and fell in love with a Muslim girl defying the command of his RSS mentor who navigated him into shakha. His Christian mother accepts the girl but fascists play havoc with his family and assaults on his mother in view of her endorsement for Muslim girl. RSS is stubborn to change the secular fabric of India. Kabir as he too was a member of sangh but hated the idea of breaking secular fabric of India. Resultantly, he defied the command of RSS and braved their fury. Indeed, Kabir- the protagonist- wanted to be a great gentleman and for this special purpose he had joined the sangh parivar but RSS men bruised him agonisingly. He earned post graduate degree in ‘Gandhian and Peace Study’ and followed the dogmas of Mahatma Gandhi who was the father of nation but RSS men hated Gandhian concepts of peace and reconciliation. In fact, A REBEL OF INNOCENCE. is a good read and now is accepted for its publiscation in serirals in Boloji Magazine.
What the author says about his novel
The inspiration for the novel was an idea, stunning one that struck into my mind ever since I joined RSS as a simple member. I resolved to carry on immediately but my English language was so poor and the very idea was dumped back into unconscious mind for the time being. Later I struggled myself to rebuild me writing this script and with the five years arduous fight I succeeded completing the script. I sometimes questions to myself if the novel is really completed.
Yes, I admit, it is finished now. Kabir- the protagonist of my novel also exclaims-yes, I’m satisfied with my rebellion, with my desire to stay India as a secular fabric. The menace of conversion is perilous, not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Christians are humble folks, and veneer humbleness twists into wantonness when RSS mentor deceives institution’s dogmas. Stupidity. This is all what the theme of this novel.
The rest of the story just accidentally falls into culture clashes.Infatuation between Muslim boys and RSS Hindu girl or vice versa accelerates the passions and sensationalizes the situation between both communities. This is just the key gives my novel a new skin different from others. Since I had been a RSS man- simply swayamsevak- therefore, the novel is almost like a part of me.
A Rebel Of Innocence" is an inextricable mix of my experience and my mind's eye. The book is a very sad book, sad for me particularly because I had to brave ugly RSS dogmas when I was swayamsevak and somehow the sadness would stay with me till they fascists metamorphosed themselves into nice, secular citizens of India.
Friends ask me if it is a biographical novel. I think it’s an irrelevant question. Should an irrelevant query be responded? Certainly not. I think all fiction springs from your own experiences and autobiographical hue is mandatory despite the melding of imagination.
Frankly speaking, I was unable to get convent school education therefore, my English was dangerously poor until then I joined my service in school education. Then I chose Hindi as the medium of my writing but there souned least scope of readership. Then, later I shifted to English.I was aware that English language was not reflexive for me but I chose because it is a great language and more and more people are now tendomg to speaking English in India. If anybody likes you it is only because of your English.
Let me reveal on you an outlandish thing. I think in Hindi but write in English. I try to follow the rules but rules crushes under the weight of my emotions and passions and I don’t understand if I’ve broken them, really.
I think structure is very important in writing a novel. While I’d been writing ‘A Rebel Of Innocence" I was terribly confused how to cope with my surging ideas. Emotions were gushed, language was lame, and I cry, I scrabble around to pick the suitable words but it was my experience and gush of emotions which developed my fiction finally. Today I’ m really proud of myself writing a stunning novel. Believe me.

About Sorry Sir
A book of short fiction

Ashwini Ahuja’s elegant stories tell the accounts of love- hate, passion- disappointment altogether. All the stories in ‘Sorry Sir’ have written with absorbing intelligence, sympathy and enthusiasm.
In this book of love, relationships and passion, you see different colours of life. In Nasty Note, protagonist Sushma’s obsession in making relationships with an American guy and her mania for prize money finally gives her frustration.
In The Whore, a photogenic beautiful face as if groomed by culture and picturesque art Miss Naina just due to her passion to get expensive mobile phone from her boyfriend made her whore when his low-caste boy friend showed his helplessness to meet her demand. And her readiness to have a rendezvous with his father’s boss, much older than her boy friend creates hatred for her in readers’ mind.
When a Woman Dies with Locker Key shows an apathetic attitude of sons towards their nearly dead mother when they were unsuccessful to get the property documents and bank locker key. Mistake is a message for those couples who play on their whims in the presence of their growing daughters. ‘Goggles’ is a tale of sacrifice in love. ‘Leprosy’- a tale of indomitable mission for eradicating leprosy ailment. Writer through this story wants to give a new vision to society. ‘The Killing Machine’ is an epitome of a cruel female character who seeks ecstasy in watching English Movie with her friends forgetting the real painful life picture of a cycle rickshaw puller. ‘The Beautiful Mind’ reveals the beauty of mind where money does not matter. ‘You save Our Village Daughters’ exposes the character of a teacher who exploits his thirteen years old girl student in the garb of playing Holi and is chastised by his own reasons discarding his government job of a school teacher.
‘Sorry Sir’ is an amazing malady of a victimised, sloppy habits college teacher who becomes the victim to his misdeeds. ‘Baljeeta in Bollywood’ depicts the agonies of an ambitious guy who wants to make his lucrative career in Bollywood without sources. ‘Betrayal’ gives us pain when a childhood chum deceives his friend playing havoc with the life of her daughter. ‘Goodwill of a Sinner’- is a story of misdeeds of a highly profile lecturer who ultimately gets the award of punishment because of his immorality. ‘The Beggar’ is simply a story of two friends turns hostile eventually where one is quick-ready to sacrifice himself for the other. ‘Exceptional Tour’ is a story of a sister who mends her brother’s sordid habits of flirting with his office colleagues. ‘Baby Doll’ is a very short message for parents who become an obstruction for the independence of their kids. ‘It is an adjustment’ shows the real adjustment of a couple in forgetting their old parents. ‘My wife is beautiful’ shows the cruelty of a beautiful lady who loves her husband but hates his mother. ‘An Artist in the Wilderness’ shows the strain between husband and wife after the death of their prodigy son. “In the story, I Beg Your Pardon” writer eloquently wants to express the callous behaviour of a lady who claims to be the boss of all street families- the first resident in the newly constructed brick street.

Some of the stories in this collection have appeared elsewhere:
Sorry Sir, Nasty Note in Boloji weekly online magazine, San Jose. USA.
Leprosy in Chowk (South Asian online Magazine)
Baby Doll in three magazines- Chowk, HumNRI, Diverse Parent.
Goggles, The Killing Machine in Writer voices.
The Whore in American Chronicle
The Betrayal in Los Angles Chronicle
My Wife is Beautiful in Ooted Magazine, UK.
It Is an Adjustment’ in two magazines Orchard Press Mystery & Tintota.
The Beautiful Mind in two magazines Tintota, Switzerland & Universal Journal (A worldwide organisation of young journalists and writers)
The Beggar in Tintota, Switzerland
Live Long Mobile Phone in two magazines Maryland Chronicle, E-Zine Articles. Com

Interests: Writing Fiction, novel and satire.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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  • EK Chuha Mara Hua ( A Mouse- Sure Dead)
  • Poetry

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