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Obinna Anagwu

Abuja, Nigeria


Home page:

My name is Obinna Anagwu. I am a Nigerian male in my mid-thirties and I live in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. I was born and raised in the south-eastern Nigerian city of Enugu and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of Port Harcourt, majoring in sculpture; I am also a painter. I have great drive and ambition for my writing and hope to become one of the greatest storytellers, ever. I love sports, music, drama, and I am addicted to the computer. I have deep love for the written word, especially the ones that tell stories. Writing is something I've wanted to do since childhood.

I am one of the grandsons of the late Sir Henry I.C. Ikebuaku, one of Nigeria’s first metallurgical engineers, and one of the technical arrowheads of the Biafran struggle for independence, over forty years ago. I also had educated great-grandparents who were Christians, and my great-grandfather had worked very closely with early European traders and businessmen in our part of the Niger area, notably the JOHN HOLT Company. This was why my grandfather, his first son, had become the first twin to survive in his home clan, Obosi, after a terrible struggle – which nearly took human lives – to keep him and his twin sister alive, against the wishes of the overwhelming majority who had wanted them cast away, as was the practice at that time. It is from this premise that the story of my first prose, VENGEANCE OF THE GODS, was born.

VENGEANCE OF THE GODS is a work I hope will become an important piece of literature in the near future. It was inspired mainly by stories I was told about my great grandfather, then Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’, and a hunger to recount the mostly forgotten times of my forebears. Set between the later part of the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, VENGEANCE OF THE GODS is the deeply evocative and tragic story of Chidebem, a very passionate man of extraordinary courage and cast-iron convictions.

It is a historical African epic of huge proportions (hand-written on 882 pages of foolscap paper) and I hope that it will launch me on my way to my dream of becoming an internationally acknowledged writer. Excerpts of this work can be found at my web site,, along with my aims, drive, aspirations and inspirations.I also have a collection of poems and two movie scripts. Below is the synopsis of the work.

Deviate from the norm at your own peril. So went a proviso of the pre-birth prophecy about Chidebem’s greatness. And how true the extraordinary life of this man – the last of his mother’s six children – proved the prophecy to be. For he grew to become one of the greatest men to live, east of the Niger River, around the Niger area, later called Nigeria.
From his brave intervention to save Captain William Duff, head of the Royal Niger Company camp at Onitsha, from the deadly fangs of an enraged female snake at eighteen, to the unbelievably daring rescue of two children from five armed slave-hunters at nineteen. From his spectacular defeat of a dreaded, unbeaten champion of ten years, at a once-in-five-years wrestling contest, to a driven and passionate, but short-lived love affair with the alluringly beautiful Katherine, Captain William Duff’s widowed younger sister, both at age nineteen. From his great wealth, fame, and multitude of wives, to the clever and dangerous rescue of some RNC men facing near-certain death at the fearsome clan of Okija. From a virtually barehanded lion-kill, to an ingenious intervention to prevent a massacre of his people as the British marched in.
Then came the crunch. First, he faced the ‘dilemma’ of a 'sacrilegious' twin-birth by the love of his life, then the political shenanigans of agents of the great British Empire. Will ‘the greatest of Ngana’s sons’ back down for once in his life, for fear of conflict with the ‘ways of his ancestors’; will he tremble at the prospect of a confrontation with the mighty District Commissioner and the god-like British Resident? Or will he follow his conscience, as usual, and take the boldest and most daring steps in his colorful life? His decision will have profound and far-reaching consequences for himself, his beloved people and countless others …

I am working on my second book, which I have tentatively titled THE CASUALTIES. It is a work inspired in part by J.P.Clark's poem of the same title, a poetic referral to the unfortunate tragedy that was the Nigerian Civil War.

Interests: Sports, Movies, Reading, Music, Writing, the Computer

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