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Earl Gervais

Agent: Annie Griffin
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


I have been a teacher, coach, school principal and have been blessed to be a somewhat new "poops" (grandfather for those who can't see between the lines). I am beginning a new path within an old spirit. I'll be coaching again along with my teaching at Pope John Paul II High School in Slidell, LA.

Thanks to a run in, and subsequent clash, with my "Religion" I found myself at a point in the journey that required a deep reliance on my Faith (which grew proportionately to the loss of religion). Through that wrestling I shaped the "PB." The PB had to have a story so I put together a short story which evolved into a full blown manuscript that after quite a journey was finally been published. Unfortunately only 100 copies went into print as PageMaster Publishing is no longer around. So if there are any takers out there - HOLLER.

The second of Volume of Josiah's story is complete and the third is in the works; along with another title (WALKING BETWEEN THE LINES: SOME STORIES THE BIBLE DIDN'T TELL). I am also considering working on a project titled, The Mardi Gras Church: Stories of the best Free Show on Earth.

I have been married for 36 years to a most remarkable woman who has managed to put up with most if not all of my Krazy Katholicism. And two amazing daughters have kept my journey balanced.

And at the present time, thanks to a recent blowhard (her name was Katrina) I have honed my carving skills and hope to market some pretty good woodscapes.

And last but not least in the interest of being labeled a "name dropper;" Joseph Girzone, renowned author of several works (mainly the "Joshua" series), and I have become very dear friends and he has not only endorsed my work he wrote the foreword for it. And to all who read this, may God's peace, joy and love be ever at your side wherever the journey leads!

Interests: Writing, woodworking, and wrocking (with my 3 year old grandson - tried to keep the alliteration going).

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • A Prayer In The Wind