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Emily Adams

Agent: agentname
Utrecht, Netherlands


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I am an American woman (now 42) living in The Netherlands. Those 42 years were interesting but I don't feel like writing about them now. Today is interesting enough: Tonight, my husband and I will give a combined Shiatsu-intuitive healing treatment to a client. That is great fun, and our practice is growing. I'm expecting another translation assignment (Dutch to English) by internet today -- also fun, and it helps to pay the bills while the practice is developing. This afternoon, I'm going to call a friend at the health food store where I work part time (great food, great atmosphere, good language practice) to see if she can work for me Thursday, so I can do a telephone consultation with a client in Canada. He wants another channeling session with his Higher Self. (I started "hearing voices" six years ago. It turned my life upsidedown at the time, but now it fits in quite normally next to the other things.) At noon, I will walk over to the practice of a dear friend in the neighborhood, where I help out with the administrative work in exchange for the chance to learn about his methods and success in treating allergies, autism, arthritis, AIDS, everything. What a remarkable opportunity, and what a great friend... we laugh a lot. Before I go, I need to check on the garden. And maybe there's a little time to research editors, publishers, writing resources and this thing called a query letter that my friend Randall told me about. Randall says that the book I wrote 4 years ago (while trying to turn my life right-side-up again) really ought to interest an agent/publisher. Maybe he's right (not everyone "goes crazy" and then adjusts to it nicely, I suppose) but I don't have endless hours to surf the internet. I'm just going to submit this bio and then have a look at the forums....

Interests: Everything. This could be a problem. Perhaps. But the opposite would be much worse: a dull life.

Published writer: No

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