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Albert Maslar

Agent: Joseph S Ajlouny
128 Huron Ave.
Absecon, New Jersey, United States


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Rocky Time In Philly
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Albert Maslar
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"Rocky Time In Philly"
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765 pages double spaced-Times New Roman-12 Point
153,911 words; 689,610 characters (No Spaces)
841,174 characterswith spaces): 4,134 paragraphs
13,717 lines
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Rocky; Sylvester Stallone, Balboa, boxing, lottery, Philly, Philadelphia, Mayor John Street, Mayor Wilson Goode, Governor Ed Rendell, Gino's Steaks, Pat's Steaks, President Jimmy Carter, Victors Cafe, Melrose Diner, Broad Street Diner, Murray's Delicatesen, Madonna House, GED

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"Rocky Time In Philly" is a story about Rocky after boxing. Rocky is retired from boxing but has lost his boxing fortune. He tries to get work but he is basically untrained and uneducated, never having finished high school. One of his jobs is a driver of a school bus for a prestigous MainLine Academy. The fifty student bus riders play tricks on the naive Rocky, but a prank gift results in his winning of a huge international lottery. He suffers a personal loss and sets up a charity with a gift of eighty percent of his prize, while embarking on a quest to get his high school diploma, GED. His family life changes dramtically, resulting in a triangle between himself, his son and his 'fiance.' Rocky is led into a possible political career as a nominee for a vacant seat in the House of Representatives. This possibility leads to family conflicts and opens a can of worms that seem to be ireconcileable. There is a romantic triangle that causes deep conflicts between himself, his son, and his son's former fiance.
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Albert Maslar is an accounting graduate of St. Joseph's College. After retiring from working as a CPA, he wrote two non-fiction books.
"Aren't You Sorry You Asked... for my opinion."
That is a compendium of articles from A to Z, Abortion to Zero percent interest. It includes the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Prayers, Humor, etc.
"Does Anybody Think Anymore"
This constitutes a daily commentary on the Iraq situation, leading from the pre-war days, days of the war until the infamous
'Mission Accomplished,' and the following days to year-end 2003.
The book is ant-war, anti-Bush, but not pro-democrat. The book probly accurately reflects the feelings of the ten to fifteen percent of Americans who were anti-war at the time.
"Rocky Time In Philly" is his first novel, as yet unpublished. Rocky is 'Rocco 'in the book, and Adrian is 'Andrea'. A decision needs to be made as to which names should be used in the book.

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New York Literary Agency

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