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Heilsborre 28
ASSE, Benin


Looking for writer for possible long-term association

We are two Bulgarian-born artists involved in the music industry. And while we have no need to look outside this interest, a life-changing experience has nudged us in a different direction.

We came together out of this shared experience, an experience that some might find unbelievable. It has to do with our relationship with the invisible universe, something that has propelled us into a place of harmony with this universe. This peaceful coexistence began 11 years ago and continues to grow. Being a precious and personal experience, we just watched this unfold before us for all these years without ever feeling the need for its public manifestation.

Now we’re guided to begin sharing what happened to and for us, to carry a message we feel must be delivered. We believe this can be done through a progression of appropriate projects in relevant, and most important, artistic forms – books, scripts, music, video, and do on – all stemming from the primary ‘mother’ story.

We receive original project concepts, overviews, synopses, or definitive structures in our native Bulgarian, but for reasons made clear in the underlying story, these projects must take form in English. For this, we need a writing partner.

What we hope from our partner:

– To be both sensitive to and sincerely interested in our story – To fully understand the ‘mother’ story and the projects that grow from it

With this writer we would share project content in our best English, offering clarification and guidance at every step. If our partnership continues to grow, what we offer is an agreement for co-authorship, co-ownership on every project chosen to be part of our collaboration.

Why a co-author and not a ghost writer? It’s not that we can’t pay, or don’t want to pay, a ghost writer. Instead, we feel that no writer could successfully convey this story without fully believing in and understanding the importance of sharing this experience, that this story and its connected projects are the story he or she was meant to write. Naturally, if our partner finds strong inspiration and motivation in the subject, and truly believes in his or her writing abilities, that writer will be thoroughly convinced of the need to be part of this association.

We are so sure of this that we are willing to state: If our writer/partner needs food on the table and lacks necessary resources and is strongly and sincerely interested in this collaboration, we will consider helping our partner co-writer as seems reasonable, without any obligations to refund what will be offered, provided that nothing is sold on the market.

If you feel that you are the right person for this association, we look forward to hearing from you and building a long-term collaborative relationship.
Contact : tel - 00 32 2 452 46 29 fax – 00 32 2 452 25 07 mobile – 00 32 (0 )475 / 78 37 15


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