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Josh Gellers

Irvine, California, United States


Josh Gellers is a graduate student at the University of California, Irvine and freelance writer. Gellers has been published on a variety of topics ranging from El Nino and American voting behavior to reality dating shows and Jewish culture. His work has been featured in the American Chronicle and its 20 online affiliates, Cube-Side, the Weekly Procrastinator, the Florida Geographer, the Independent Florida Alligator, the Miami Herald, the Shpiel, and the UF International Review, in addition to international conference proceedings. Gellers likes to elicit discussion of controversial social and political issues through his witty and often sardonic writing style.

Gellers attended the University of Florida where he earned a BA in Political Science magna cum laude with a minor in Geography and a certificate in International Relations in December 2005. Gellers was awarded an MA in Climate & Society at Columbia University in 2007. He has interned at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Kinetix, an environmental consulting firm, and the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) at Columbia University and has consulted for the United Nations Development Program. When not putting pen to paper, Gellers spends his time playing guitar and the drums, stretching the limits of his cooking ability, traveling, and enjoying the California coastline.

Interests: All things political including domestic politics and international relations, popular culture, psychology, and the environment.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Coulter Crosses Line of Decency with Caustic Remarks
  • Your T-Shirt Speaks for Itself
  • Public Opinion on Global Climate Change: An Indicative Summary of Polling Data
  • Reality TV Romance: Fast Food Dating for the Technology Age
  • Guantanamo: An American Quandary in Paradise
  • A History of Violence: How the Mass Media Has Distorted the Israel-Lebanon Conflict
  • Rise to Challenge of Minus-Grades
  • The Next Attack on America: A Constitutional Amendment
  • Our Birkenstock Brothers
  • Consensus Statements on Global Climate Change: An Indicative Summary
  • The U.S. Constitution: Unlimited Elasticity and Universal Applicability
  • Guantanamo: An American Quandary in Paradise
  • Heat Wave Causing New Yorkers to Act...Like New Yorkers
  • Spelling Bees: A Life Lesson for Parents
  • Abortion not akin to genocide
  • Here Comes the Rain Again: Flooding and Disaster Mitigation in Peru, A Case Study from the ’97-’98 El Niño
  • Nova Portable Cafeteria to Ease Lunch Crunch
  • Taking the Chicken Out of the Donkey: Problems Facing Democrats
  • Distortion 101: A Lesson from the New York Times
  • Homeland Security Cuts Put Bite in Big Apple
  • Apathy returns with era of one-party election
  • Bleaching, Blooms, and Economic Blight: El Niño’s Effects on the Western Coast of South America
  • Taking the Chicken out of the Donkey: Problems Facing the Democrats
  • Lieberman Suffering From Premature Evacuation
  • Distortion 101: A Lesson from the New York Times