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Paul Desautels

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Paul Desautels has always been fascinated by history and how men and women react under pressure. During his career as a Banker, Personnel and Corporate Rrecruiter, Director of Security, Inspector General, Teacher, and Keynote and Motivational Speaker, he spent a lifetime going over and analyzing the qualities that make some people do extraordinary deeds and become leaders and inspirational figures. In other words, what makes some people successful and able to change their environment and, in some cases, the world, while others cannot.

It was this vast and extensive interest in history that led him to write The Long War. This novel is the first of a series of seven novels that will be published under the general title of The War Chronicles. These novels, which will cover different historical periods, from the time of the Romans to the present, will show various men and women acting against a background of war, civil strife, and social change. In all of them the main focus will be on the human condition, how we can improve and change it, and, in some cases, transcend it, even. In fact, The War Chronicles will be nothing less than an attempt to explore the whole of the human condition through history.

Paul Desautels is presently retired and has been involved, through most of his professional life, in the writing of security manuals, courses, articles, and speeches. He has also been drawn to the writing of fiction and non-fiction. However, he feels most drawn to the writing of fiction because he believes such writing allows you to get to the bottom of the human condition and to explore the wide range of emotions and feelings found there. The Long War is an attempt, on his part, to create a modern War And Peace. If anything, he would like to be remembered as having attempted to write about a great period of history, one of extreme peril and crisis, and to have done it as well and movingly as anyone.

Paul Desautels, through his work as Director of a Security Program at the TAV campus of the Marie Victorin College, and Academy Director of a large security corporation, where he taught thousands of students in matters of security, personal achievement, and motivation, is now very much in demand as a security consultant, trainer, evaluator, keynote and motivational speaker. He is living and residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he is at work on his second novel, The Honor And the Glory, as well as on two works of non-fiction, Ray Davison: an American Hero and Success: the Ten Steps to Achieve It, all of which will be published by AuthorHouse.

Interests: All my life I've been fascinated by history and how men and women react under pressure. How some of them are successful. And others fail. Most of human life has been lived under a background of war, civil strife and social change. I like to write about me

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  • The Long War