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Grant Shanks

Agent: Looking
Rangiora, New Zealand


Home page:

Grant is a 59-year old male, married with two grown children. He lives in a small country town close to rivers for fishing and hills for hunting.

15 years ago, following a much and varied career, including being: a professional hunter, slaughterhouse worker, merchant seaman, band roadie, security specialist and award winning radio writer (CLIO/Hollywood IBA) and advertising agency creative writer, Grant dropped out of the rat race to become a full-time freelance writer.
Today he writes in all disciplines: copywriting, contributing journalism, radio, television, advertising, ghost writing and own faction and fiction.

Grant is the published author of 11 books (none of them vanity publications). Titles include:
WHEN THE WIND CALLS YOUR NAME - two collections of tales of the supernatural in New Zealand, written with Maori academic, Tahu Potiki,
WE JUST WANT OUR DAUGHTER TO LIVE - the tale of a family dealing with their daughter's very rare genetic condition.
A LONG GOODNIGHT - the story of New Zealand's most infamous case of euthanasia.
HAWKS - a bestselling saga based on New Zealand's wild west days of the 60s-70s when the cowboys rode helicopters instead of horses to hunt deer for dollars.
TYLER'S GOLD - a rollicking modern day tale of gold and pirates in the brutal seas of the sub-Antarctic.
MESQUITE SMOKE-DANCE - winner of the Richard Webster Award For Popular Fiction. A brutal American police/procedural set in Texas.
DEATH IN THE KINGDOM - A thriller set in present day Thailand published by Monsoon Books.
Also, he has written two niche books written for remuneration not recognition using a pen name.
Grant has also written an e-book, THE NEVERNESS FACTOR commissioned by a now defunct e-publishing house (he denies he had anything to do with the demise of that company). The tale in question is a cross-genre book set in Alaska. It combined scifi, supernatural, eroticism, murder and good old-fashioned adventure. He is currently in the process of seeking a conventional publishing arrangement for this quite unique tale.
Any publishers reading this page who want to receive a copy of THE NEVERNESS FACTOR - please be known.

He currently has two books, TYLER'S GOLD and DEATH IN THE KINGDOM on option as movie properties, and yes, he is also looking for an agent. While he's managed to get eleven books along in his career without one so far, he has other books that need to be made into movies and many more tales in the works. Any agents with screen connections who want a hard-working writer with a bent towards hard-hitting realism with tales combining violence and black humour (humor for US readers) - please get in touch.

Interests: Travel, hunting, smallarms collecting, fly fishing, photography, cooking, writing, reading, pistol shooting (I am a member of a cowboy action club)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Hawks
  • Tyler's Gold
  • Mesquite Smoke-Dance
  • Death in the Kingdom