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Laurie Foston/ Cheryl Haynes/Cheryl Henry Hodgetts

Southaven, Mississippi, United States


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Laurie Foston is the pen name for Cheryl Haynes. She has also published under the name Cheryl Hodgetts Parker and Cheryl Henry Hodgetts. Cheryl writes speculative fiction for adults and young adults. She is also the author/illlustrator of the series Leon the Chameleon.

Cheryl finished the series of children's stories in between 1979 and 1981 and copyrighted the first of the "Leon the Chameleon" series under the name Cheryl Henry Hodgetts in 1982.

Cheryl created a free web site for children to read children's stories on the Internet. Then she received a request from Israel to release the rights to reproduce the stories in Hebrew on a web site that teaches moral and social values to children in Jerusalem. She gave that permission in 2000.

One aspect of her illustrations that are most attractive to children looking at them on the Internet is the fact that they are enhanced with gifs so that the pictures are animated.

Cheryl's storylines feature self-improvement and teach self-values to children. She says this should be a free service to the public and stays dedicated to servicing the web sites so that children from all walks of life will have free access to the stories. She has one of the sites translated into Spanish. sells the short feature of this series and a Christmas story entitled, "Christmas Is Not Just For Children”.

Laurie Foston is the pseudonym used for her science fiction novel entitled, The Next Phase Chronicles, The Coming of the Magi. Cheryl says the plot of the story is woven so that the star of the story, named Laurie Foston, publishes a book in the year 2006. Cheryl says she wanted to authenticate the plot a little more by using the star's name as pseudonym.

Cheryl Haynes, AKA Laurie Foston resides in Southaven, Ms which is a suburb of the Memphis Metro area. She lives at an angle from the house where John Grisham lived before his career blossomed.

Cheryl is a beauty pageant judge for America's Most Beautiful Girls and is a member of the American Council of the Blind, as well as being a member of several writers’ forums. She is also the founder of a web-based think tank called Authors' Crossroad and is a contributing editor of Wikipedia.

Cheryl can pilot a Cessna 140, 150 and 160 but is restricted because of her diabetic condition and has recently joined the Diabetes Foundation to campaign for the cure.

Cheryl says her life has been more scandalous than creative but jokingly says, “At times it was hard to distinguish the difference between whether I was accomplishing something creative or creating something scandalous.”

Interests: writing, blogging, creating and editing websites, editing Authors' Crossroad think tank, editing in Wikipedia,judging beauty pageants, Facebook interactions with friends, singing karaoke with her boyfriend, going to the movies with her grandchildren, taki

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  • The Coming of the Magi
  • Christmas Is Not Just For Children
  • Children's Literature

  • Leon the Chameleon