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James Wilson

Agent: agentname
Mesa, Arizona, United States


Home page:

As the author of 16 unpublished novels, 2 d20 rulebooks
(also unpublished), and 2 non-fiction books (you get the
idea), one might think that I was on the verge of giving up
hope. Nothing could be further from the truth, because
where there's life there's hope, and need of vittles, and to
prove it I offer the example of my round belly. So hopeful
am I that I have six novels currently underway. I just keep
honing the blade, hoping to cut my way into the 18th-
century world of publishers someday. I do hope they'll
wake up to the fact that we just entered the 21st century,
not the 19th. Queen Victoria not only has already been
born, she's been dead over a century. No need to keep
trying to tweak her nose.
As a testament to my unflagging and probably foolish
optimism, I also have a blog that I update sporadically,
which is home to about 100 essays. I also once had
another sixty or seventy essays published on a forum, one
of which actually had over 16,000 unique readers. As it is
my one claim to fame, how can I omit that wonderful
bragging point? Besides the dry and sometimes
embarrassing essays are the 60 short stories and 85
poems that I have written for one reason or another. I just
can't stop writing no matter how little I try. Despite all
this I must confess that I am no great letter-writer. Every
one of my correspondents has plenty to complain about.
Like Mr. Bennett, I am dilatory about undertaking
business, but quick in its execution. So what if it takes
two weeks to answer an email with 3 lines quickly dashed
Convinced that I'm a nerd yet? Well you should be. I
qualify as a geek in far to many areas to be anything but.
Part of this is due to my writing, as all but one of the
novels mentioned above are heroic fantasy. To craft a
fantasy world that breathes a little one needs to know a
little about everything, and when that need is added to my
native curiosity it creates a truly astonishing variety of
utterly useless information. You may not think it's
important to know the names, weights and metallic
compositions of every fantasy nation's coinage, especially
since it is never mentioned directly in any novel, but it is.
I assert that it is. Otherwise I really wasted a lot of time
researching numismatics, and I refuse to admit it.
Now that everyone is firmly convinced of my Nerdishness,
I will add a few more mundane details. I have always
worked in computers, currently I run backups for several
datacenters around the US. I'm old, fat, and childish, but
not really old enough to be senile. I think I'm old enough
to be eccentric now, instead of weird, but it's borderline.
I've been writing since I was 7, when I commenced my first
novel, even though up to that time I had never read a
novel. In fact I never read anything but nonfiction until I
turned 11 and discovered JRR Tolkien. My count of novels
above includes only one bit of juvenlia, which while it was
finished, only survives in part, since half of the novel was
entrusted to a single floppy disk which didn't live to a ripe
old age. The novel I started at age 7 never got far, but I
still have the map and 8 handwritten pages to remind me.
Now here it is 30 years later and every book still
originates with a map. Did I mention I was childish?
Perhaps I was just a very adult 7-year-old. Could be.

Interests: Ancient & Medieval History, Computer Games, Computers/ Electronics, Lord of the Rings/JRR Tolkien, Military History (& Weapons), Mythology...I'm running out of space.

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Published works:


  • Common Thieves