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Christopher Buckner

Agent: seeking
3318 V street #2
Sacramento, California, United States


My name is Christopher Lee Buckner, I am 26 years old and have lived in Sacramento California for most of my life. I have been writing since I was in High School were I injoyed creating my own comic books and writing science fiction. I mostly write and read sci-fi and historic novels both non-fiction and fiction. I started out writing for my art class and like I said, I created my own comic books that were both original and based on my favorite books. I am a artist too and I love to use my art for my books.
If I had to descrribe my style of writing I would say, I have been told I have a flare for the dramatic, I like to keep my stories as accurate to the facts as posssible, and I like really heroic but some what flawed characters with plenty of romance. I can be quite a softy.
I am studying computer animation right now and I wont to work in the gaming industry when I am finished with school. I still wont to write but on the side. It is something I really enjoy but I take a lot of time with it.
My most notable works are, I have one book that has been published entitled "Brink of Extinction" which is a sci-fi short story and its is available to buy at or any other retailer. I have wrote a short story that is both story format and scripted that is about Gladiators and is currently being done as a short two minute CGI film for my school. I am the Art Director, writer, concept artist and historic expert. It is really fun and we have a good team. My current novel is a Roman epic. This work has become very important to me and I am hoping to find a agent to represent it and maybe make some money, but I mostly just wont it out there for the world to see.
I am not one of those writers that writes everyday or has mountains of short stories. I only write when I wont to and I know my teachers and other writers say write as often as you can if not everyday, but I find it a little hard to follow that advice. I like to work with one story at a time, either big or small. I sometimes may go weeks or even months without writing a thing but when I do, I can write up a storm. I like to do a lot of planning and formulating before I write a book. I act a lot of a story out in my head-I know, in my head, a little weird but as an artist, I find it helps a lot with writing or computer animation. If a book requires it, I do a lot of research. My new Roman book that is set during the Second Punic Wars, I researched it for several months before I wrote a single page. Since I love history and love Roman history above all, it was fun and writing about topics you injoy is the best way I think to start writing.
I am not very good at promoting my own work and don't ask me to explain one of my stories to you. It is not that they are hard to understand, they are all pretty straight forward but, I just really suck at expaining them. If I was to become a famous writer, I would be a reclusive autor even though I am not shy.
I have to say what I enjoy most about writing is, I just love to create worlds and characters. Every story we write is a piece of our selves, the good and bad.

Interests: Art (Drawing), Writing, Computer Animation, Reading, Gaming, Baseball, Movies, School,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Brink of Extinction