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Claudio SerraBrun

Agent: AdelaPalao/ adelapalao@gmail.com
Esteban Diaz

Email: poesur@gmail.com

Home page: www.poesur.com

: twitter.com/poesur

The argentinean-spaniard poet Claudio Serra Brun runs this collection of CDs,
tapes, infographies, and videoclips of his poems, illustrated by the music created
by composers of the vast cultural field of Europe and America.... The Memory of
the Mirror , Poetry and music from Europe and America, the series of discs of
Claudio Serra Brun, which gathers his poems from the more than thirty years of
his dedication to poetry, with music by European and American composers ... The
renovating idea within the poetic ambit of divulging poetry in a different format, with
no books, clothed with the music on discs, tapes, and video-clips which make it
worthy of consideration by the youth is truly the objective of this work: That poetry
reaches all the youth through the mass media and the internet. Claudio Serra Brun
is, as of today, the only Spanish language poet (in Spain and America) who has
been publishing his poetry in CD and tape format. His style of presenting poetry is,
at the moment, innovative and unique within the Spanish cultural spectrum. .
..."We always should keep alive the vision of evidence: that the summary of the
work of the entire humanity gives us a positive result and that it makes civilizations
progress. "(CSB)www.poesur.com - poesur@gmail.com


Estamos solos, por el mundo.

Como una confusa lucha
de poderes mayores
las nubes se mezclan
ajenas a los ojos,
en lo alto.

El rio fecunda
hasta herir.
La tierra se desgrana
hacia el mar.

Y el pajaro que se posa,
es vida latente que mira,
solo un momento
pero quieto.

Lo minusculo del tiempo
para mirarnos.
Y alzar el vuelo.
Por toda la vida

C ClaudioSerraBrun


We are alone, in the world.

As in a confused fight
of greater powers
the clouds mingle
by the eyes,
on high.

The river fecundates
until hurting.
The earth is threshed
towards the sea.

And the bird that settles,
is latent life that looks,
only a moment
but still.

An instant in time
to look at ourselves.
And to flight away.
For a lifetime
c ClaudioSerraBrun


"Habra un tiempo
-lo dijo mi abuelo,
lo repitio mi padre
demudado al partir-
en que la tierra
celebrara su abundancia
con todos los hombres.
Un tiempo en que los frutos
no caigan del reves
y se alejen con los barcos".

Habra un tiempo
- sin saberlo, lo recuerdo-
en que llegaremos
al final del tunel del engano.
Y las noches y los dias se abriran
a la labor fecunda
de todos los hombres.

Ese tiempo vendra. Lo se.


La Memoria del Espejo - Volumen I. Dep. Legal: V- 4417 -1997.Poemas:c
ClaudioSerraBrun. Musica: Temas de Gustavo Roses. Edita: EGT-DAHIZ.
Valencia-Espana- Spain.. SGAE 727-C. 1997. Editor: c el link y el Autor.
www.poesur.com - poesur@gmail.com - www.editorialpoesur.com
De: Cuaderno de Tierra y Mar.cClaudioSerraBrun. Version en lengua francesa:
Prof. Irma Maria Brun de Serra. Poemas y fotografias: Claudio Serra
Brun.Infografias: Roger Miquel Rodriguez. Ed.1991, ISBN: 84-604-2304-2.
Deposito Legal No:B-42-634-91.SPAIN


" Un temps viendra
- mon grand-pere l'a dit
et mon pere l'a r�p�t�
en partant tout p�le -
o� la terre
c�l�brera son abondance
avec tous les hommes.
Un temps o� les fruits
ne tombent � l'envers
et s'�loignent sur les bateaux ".

Un temps viendra
- sans le savoir, je m'en souviens -
o� nous arriverons
� la fin du tunnel du mensonge,
et les nuits et les jours
� la labeur f�conde
de tous les hommes.

Ce temps viendra. Je le sais.


�There will be a time
- said my grandfather,
my father repeated it
agitated before leaving -
in which the earth
will celebrate its abundance
with all men.

A time in which the fruits
do not fall upside down
and drift away from the ships.

There will be a time
- without knowing it, I remember -
in which we will get
to the end of the tunnel of deceit.

And nights and days will open themselves
to the fecund labor
of all men.

That time will come. I know it.


The Memory of the Mirror - Volume I. Dep. Legal: V - 4417 -1997.Poems: �
ClaudioSerraBrun. Music: Music of Gustavo Roses. English version: Juan E.
Villegas (USA). Publisher: EGT-DAHIZ. Valencia-Spain. SGAE 727-C. 1997
Editor: � Claudio Serra Brun. You can reproduce my own texts, only mention
Poesur, the link and the Author. www.poesur.com - poesur@gmail.com -

Interests: poems, poetry, music, video, esculpture, performances,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Cuaderno de Tierra y Mar
  • La Luna Ocre - Y Otros Poemas