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Michael Cornell

Agent: Jeff Schmidt. NY Creative Mgmt.
4131 SE Maricamp Road
Ocala, Florida, United States


Home page: 352-274-3333(Mssg.)

First writing assignment was his eighth grade school play. Joined military as a journalist, including press stints with White House Communications and Walter Reed.Studied screenwriting and wrote a practice script from "A Wrinkle in Time." Even though he had not secured the rights, Cornell used his creative telephone skills and hooked a meeting with the development director for Castle Rock...based off the script which was his first and that Castle Rock had secured the rights years before...The D.D. laughed and said that people waited years to get into see her and here Cornell was, sitting in her office, with just a dream and a phone...Cornell spent the next 15 years honing his craft and created both the popular Barhopper column for the Baltimore Sun as well as The Barhopper Magazine. Cornell published his first book about disgraced former NYC cop Michael Dowd entitled Good Cop/ Bad Cop under the Mike McAlary pseudonym and combined the material he wrote in a series of newspaper articles about the infamous Whitey Bolger case in Boston to create the mob-inspired crime drama entitled Crossing the Line which eventually transformed into the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs which, along with the book gallies, was purchased by Martin Scorcese and Warner Bros. for inspiration in creating the oscar-winning film The Departed.Cornell's highly anticipated follow-up book Fightman will be out later this year. he also sold a film named Seperate Worlds to producers Iam and Wald fom Artisans which opened to impressive numbers throughout Europe.Rumor has it that Warner's has offered several monetary options, and an all-expense paid jaunt to the 2007 Academy Awards, for Cornell, regarded by many of those in the know as one of the best known and talented writers within an industry that thrives on self-promotion, all while remaining low-key and not sullied by the lure of fame. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have repeatedly been turned down by Cornell and his agent for interviews, but insiders report that a smaller budget film written,directed, and produced by Cornell is currently in pre-production...

Interests: Film and Television. True-life crime. Historical biographies.Hollywood history. Organized crime

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Crossing the Line
  • No such thing as can't
  • Scripts

  • Fight Man
  • Seperate World's
  • Other

  • Good Cop/Bad Cop