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Deirdre Noble

Hong Kong, China


Home page:

My name is Deirdre (phonetic pronunciation dear-dra or
dare-dra, but heaven forbid, never dee-dree) Claire

I currently reside in Hong Kong, in a neighborhood called
the Cyberport. How cool is that? I was previously a
resident of Shanghai, China; Washington, DC; both
Leesburg and Arlington, Virginia; Wayne, New Jersey;
Tachikawashi, Japan; Osan AB, Korea; Albuquerque, New
Mexico; Saudi Arabia; El Paso, San Angelo, and Austin,
Texas; and Heidelberg, Germany.

I am a mom. Through the broadband I can feel everyone’s
eyes glazing over. In my past lives I have been a nanny,
cleaning lady, waitress (an American rite of passage no
one should miss), military officer, government
apparatchik, consultant (after 15 months on the job I still
did not know what I did for a living other than take
people’s money for my billable hours), trainer, and
training designer. But for now, I’m a mom.

I have two gremlins; Kendall and Brigitte. Actually, they
are unbelievably cute…most of the time. Of course,
everything in moderation; too much of Kendall and
Brigitte and they become more horrible, less adorable, and
I long for medication, the strong stuff.

Most Deirdres I have met have been extremely dour
women—and I am no exception. But I try mightily to defy
my namesake’s legacy—from Irish mythology—Deirdre of
the Sorrows—geez, what were my folks thinking? I swear,
everyone else in the family has a normal name but me. In
addition to the impediment of a weird name, I am the
youngest of seven; thus I am forever railing against
injustice and unfairness. So I have a bit of a persecution
complex, a healthy dose or paranoia, and a bad temper.
But on the plus side I am a neatnik.

Herman Wouk’s Winds of War is my favorite novel. When I
first moved to the DC area I could not wait to find Foxhall
Road and drive up it imagining Pug and Rhoda Henry
living there. While I lived in the DC area, whenever I was
feeling blue I would head over to Georgetown and wind
my way up Foxhall Road.

You can read my blog at

Interests: Genealogical research, cooking, reading, and of course, writing

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes