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Kate Stewart

Agent: agentname
Johannesburg, South Africa


: katestewart123 skype

Until recently I have been a latent writer. I have written for most of my life and barely noticed that I have produced a large volume of work. Throughout my contorted career path writing has been a tool that I have utilised but largely taken for granted.

As a drama student I wrote stand up comedy to obtain my equity card. As an out of work actress I wrote a one woman show to become a working actress. It actually made money. Surprised? I was.

Bowing out of the theatre world, I became a picture framer - the framing company required advertising copy. I then worked for a resin company that manufactured toilet seats, they needed a jingle. I later moved on to a South African fine art gallery. Did I really suggest a monthly newsletter? I have this uncanny habit of making more work for myself - it ran for three years. In between juggling event organisation and gallery administration (my actual job) I carried on writing. Two published catalogues on a selection of South African artists followed along with more press releases and advertising copy. All this from an Englishwoman who knew as much about South African art as a politician knows about honesty, but hey I made it my business to learn.

A slave to my own curiosity - if I donít know, I find out. With words to dance with Iíll play with anything from iambic pentameter to rap. That goes for any subject. I am fanatical about two things: accurate research and making deadlines.

After 20 years I have finally figured out I am a writer. In September 2005 I decided to go freelance, since then I have written two childrenís stories and illustrated one, written a number of articles for a South African Art Magazine, produced a dummy for a comic book project and I am currently having fun with a novel.

Throw it down and Iíll pick it up and run with it.

Interests: Various

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes